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    I do like this post

    I do like this post
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    Dumb? I do not think so.

    I'm just memeing with my daily light, I like how people are actually angry irp LMAO, that's why I said Who would hate us, best race in Eden HAHAH
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    Dumb? I do not think so.

    Bitter-sweet news this week folks! I do not know why, from where comes all the hate for us, best race in Eden! What did The Azari'Cill do to people who hate us so much? We see We have competition! Here at The Daily Light Inc. we like general competition! Da Brainbustah from the orcs down...
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    Player Announcement Weekly News

    I didn't know the High elves are so dumb
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    Player Announcement A new Source of Facts

    *Aldail would look at the times and say "hmm, i guess i have competiton! It's always healthy to have some" He'd smile and went on about his day as usual
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    Luminion Awaits!

    would do it again
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    Luminion Awaits!

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    Luminion Awaits!

    i like this
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    Losing of a Friend?

    Sad times for Ayerlinde
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    Competition City?

    all hail Kaiser
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    Competition City?

    Ew Adelsburg