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  1. Aiden

    Player Announcement Mitronan Physicals

    Aedan would simply inhale deeply.
  2. Aiden

    Event Announcement -=- A nation to joust for! -=-

    IGN: Aidencraftz91 Character: Aedan Pineblossom The nation/settlement/Noble House you represent: The Mystical Empire of Mitrona
  3. Aiden

    To one in Luminion

    Alinor Aerdeth would be at the edge of the Glass Sea. His owl John resting on his shoulder, he'd give his owl a letter prior to letting his friend go. The High Elf would give the owl a farewell wave before speaking. "May Alkadizar and Zarzareth bless your journey!" [!] A very Eagle like Owl...
  4. Aiden

    Event Announcement The Victory Tourney and Re-Enactment of 1530

    Name: Alinor Aerdeth Race: High Elf nation of origin: Luminion OOC - IGN: Aidencraftz91 Participating in: Re-enactment Interested in role: Character
  5. Aiden

    A Message of Steel and Arcane Wrath to the Eastern Traitors.

    Alinor would be finishing the day at his bakery. He'd give a friendly good-bye wave to his final customer before closing the bakery for the day as the sun set over the Enlightened City of Luminion. A sigh of relief could be heard from the baker and Tyr'es Alari as he walked home, barely noticing...
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    Server Announcement Political map of Eden

    like the new design
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    Event Announcement ✨ ☁️ ☄️| THERE'S AN ASTEROID COMING!

    Eris: Oooooooooooo Meteor, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm LEARNING OPPORTUNITY
  8. Aiden

    To a friend

    [!] A letter would arrive at the residence of Zolphar Vendove, written in good penmanship. -Greetings, friend! It has been awhile since we last met. I believe that period may be a bit extended due to some unforeseen events. I am currently residing in Luminion for the time. If you could...
  9. Aiden

    Exposing the Iomarach line, and their despicable grip on Hadrian royalty.

    Alinor would walk past the Adelsburg library, he’d notice the parchment on the door and would begin reading it. “Seems like the Scots are at it again.” he’d look around before continuing to read the parchment, he’d wonder to himself “Who would’ve wrote this?” He’d then walk into the tavern as...
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    Player Event Marriage! (Finally)

    i should've finished the job...
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    Etain Orlaigh Devonas O'Mordha

    why hate
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    Nation Announcement A Revival!

    Alinor would pick up a flyer while he was in Al-Khadir "Thi fuck?" he'd then continue reading the flyer "Well wi will see about that..."
  13. Aiden

    A letter to the council

    "Peace" - Sizz al Buthara
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    Nation Announcement -=+=- Addressing Conspiracies -=+=-

    Caleb in the after life be like: ah fuck, ‘ere we go again
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    The 'lunn State of Mind

    stop sending so many forums in one day aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    A visit to Hadrian lands - Monthly Light Special Edition!

    mhm, he probably deserved the lashings
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    Me when propaganda