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  1. Nyomi_Wood

    Nation Announcement Da Foulskinz joinin' da waaagh

    "OI, ya panziez! Iz da Foulskinz wroitin' diz lil' lettah buhkoz iz kom to aur uhtenshn dat ya'z umiez 'r planin' on 'av'in' som' fun toim' bi' bahsin' 'n slammin' eech oddahz 'eadz in. 'N now we'z kan't be left out o' such fun, now kanz we'z? We'z been waytin' fo' som' propah funz wid da ladz...
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    another meme for the (ongoing) conflict

    magik leson wit fynen sparkles
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    bro a little too silly today

    bro a little too silly today
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    Player Announcement Lapis and Ali Cupidatem, insane? [Gossip wench Arrives from the dead!]

    The page was read with careful consideration. Jovial tone, short sentences to capture and maintain the attention of even the less attentive. The message was a rather brief one, yet his gaze lingered on the parchment a touch longer than it needed. Worthy questions, silly as the language used was...
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    there's a familiar face

    there's a familiar face
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    Nation Announcement Another Absent King & The Claiming Of A Throne

    [!] A phoenix would arrive for Buhle. It bore a slim, lightweight leather harness with a chamber for a scroll. Elegant and patient as the message was delivered. ·͙ ⁺ ˚ * •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚ ⁺ ‧͙ ⁺ ˚ * •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚ ⁺ ‧͙ ⁺ ˚ * •̩̩͙ ✩ •̩̩͙ * ˚ ⁺ ‧͙ "Greetings, Bluhe. It delights me to hear that a...
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    @Twisted_Tiefling send it to me??

    @Twisted_Tiefling send it to me??
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    but then why would they be called hotdogs?

    but then why would they be called hotdogs?
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    why won't pp tell ME the full fnaf lore...

    why won't pp tell ME the full fnaf lore...
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    A notice to Avalheim

    [!] A letter arrived by phoenix for Lily Roseshade in Avalheim, about a day after her wedding. Greetings, Lily. This letter waited the allotted amount of time out of respect for your lovely union. Congratulations. We have concerning information regarding one of your citizens. If you truly...
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    [ Birth ] Fitzalan Household

    [!] A birth announcement was sent directly after the event occurred [!] -o- The Mother blessed the union of Sargeiros and Kharis Fitzalan with three beautiful, healthy children during 28.10 of 1530. They present their daughter, AMARE'VITA FITZALAN They present their son, VALI'NEPA FITZALAN...
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    Player Event Ladies of Luminion Party

    Kharis came upon the notice, considering the date it was posted to occur. A bit late in the week.. she'd not be able to attend in the first place. But not personally invited! This was terrible. She'd cope.
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    Phoenix Beak Tavern | Menu

    Phoenix Beak Tavern Menu Tea 3 Andros Laban 3 Andros Coffee 3 Andros Juice 3 Andros Beer 5 Andros Wine 5 Andros Whiskey 5 Andros "Orcish" drinks 5 Andros Cocktail 5 Andros Karak Tea Yansoon Tea Laban Khave Bee Juice Sugar Snowball Graevendrecht Blonde Graevendrecht Blue Graevendrecht Safe...
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    A Message of Steel and Arcane Wrath to the Eastern Traitors.

    Kharis read over the neat declaration, the symbols and prose catching the severity of the situation. Sat in their study; comfortable in the lavish environment and the filtered, unharsh light drifting through the expanse of stained glass window. And of course, their name on the bottom. "Written...
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    Union of Kindred Spirit

    [!] OOC Reminder! This event is TODAY! Here is a helpful guide on how to get to the wedding location if the coords are difficult to follow. Remember to bring a boat to cross the river! The 'soll ruins are an infection site. Cred. to Nugles for the image :-)
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    high elf beats orc boss in drinking competition (real)

    high elf beats orc boss in drinking competition (real)
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    Union of Kindred Spirit

    [!] A missive would be posted out to just about every notice board in Eden. Union of Kindred Spirit Wedding Scinari’cilus Kharis Fiztalan and Medi’cilus Sargeiros Iephothrann Come join in the celebration of the union of Kharis and Sargeiros on ! The venue is atop the great cliff...
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    Event Announcement Dark Omens II || The Age of Reaping

    It was a long day of travel for the azari'cill. A grand tour of Eden for their newfound companion, Sargeiros - a man Kharis barely knew. Weary from their travels across the nations and wide stretches of land, the pair set up camp in a small clearing in the forest. The light rain brushed over the...
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    Event Announcement Dark Omens I || The Age of Reaping

    The groan of an old bed long-suffered it's days of use was the only thing that greeted the Scinar the morning thereafter. The memory of such a vivid, horrifying dream was fresh in the minds eye, the flames burned into it and flooding his vision. For several minutes, all he could do was sit in...
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