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  1. Nasra al Raveryn

    Orcs on their way to steal the Moon

    Would like to see them try. :cool:
  2. Nasra al Raveryn


    magikarp ofcourse its the best and strongest pokemon! he will spash all over you!
  3. Nasra al Raveryn

    Suggestion Pickup interaction

    i whould like to have a pickup interaction you can do with permission of the person you want to pick up. for resons like: a person is heavily wounded and cant move themselfs so for medic-rp you pick them up using something like a stretcher.
  4. Nasra al Raveryn


    The moment People make a new announcement or advertisement it might be fun to actually place them on the noticeboards in all the towns. This makes sure that all information you get out of them are never considered meta gaming. And it makes the world feel more alive. this can be done in two...