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  1. Catins

    'The Blood of Kings'

    Nowu reads over the notice as she walks by it standing near it for a few seconds to think "So there's 'nother mosquito I've got to put on a leash huh.." she mumbled to herself snapping her fingers to ignite the paper "But actions like this are far out o' line, perhaps the leash'll quickly have...
  2. Catins

    Nation Announcement A New Khari'cerr

    Nowu read over the post forming a smirk on her face "So the cutie's worked her way'p further aye?" she paused for a moment to let out a short giggle "It'll be fun to play 'round with her to see her adorable reactions" she continued to giggle a bit as she wandered off getting all sorts of ideas...
  3. Catins

    Nation Announcement Ousting of a Hemomancer

    Nowu read over the notice shaking her head, sighing and finally shrugging "The mosquito would've been revealed sooner or later." she started to walk further "Saves me from holdin' a leash on that fucker.." she told herself thinking of how Creek was going to react to this post.
  4. Catins

    Nation Announcement Wasp Infestation.

    A pink tiefling read the note carefully forming a grin in her face "That child didn't survive the blaze o' m'flames though.." she continued to walk flicking a flame into existence in front of herself "Now it's time to gather some o'us up'nd take care o' the aftermath" Nowu puffed out the flame...
  5. Catins

    Player Announcement Announcement of Presence

    Oop, wrong date, this event was planned for the 26th
  6. Catins

    Nation Announcement The Sealing of Dar- Azur

    From within the now sealed off denur hold a tentacle made of crimson ooze hung noticing the cycle of day and night did not shine inside of the hold anymore. The bashing and buzzing behind the door had lessened after the hold got sealed to the appeal of something sensing things through the ooze...
  7. Catins

    I heard there was a new cool mage order on the block, doesn't it sound interesting?

    I heard there was a new cool mage order on the block, doesn't it sound interesting?
  8. Catins

    Player Announcement Announcement of Presence

    [!] A note was hung on every notice-board in the capitals of each nation, city-state and Lionne. The paper was slightly scorched at the bottom and the letters still had a slight yellow shine to it. Greetings all of Eden, Finally after years of work and planning the Order of Thyst can...
  9. Catins

    Thinking about casting microwave...

    Thinking about casting microwave...
  10. Catins

    Nation Announcement A Unification of Wood Elves

    Nowu read the announcement disappointment growing on her face "I thought y'were a nation o' all races.. Not a wood elven nation.." the tiefling scuffed disgust growing in her "tseems there'as more she didn' care two shoites 'bout.." she snapped her fingers creating a small spark of flames just...
  11. Catins

    Do you need disc?

    Hey there! Discord is not a requirement but it is heavily advised as a good 80% of all ooc contact goes through there as well as things like organizing events. We won't deny you for not having a discord but you may run into some communication difficulties eventually. I hope this helped and...
  12. Catins

    Farewell to you all !

    o7 Keep yourself good bud!
  13. Catins

    Fear the Belgians!

    Fear the Belgians!
  14. Catins

    The end of Helstein's rabble | Argyle's final deed.

    May he rest in similar peace the voidals will now have without their hunter o7
  15. Catins

    A letter to Lily Roseshade and Avalheim

    Welp- there go my trips to kick Ekarus' ass..
  16. Catins

    Player Announcement A piece of my mind

    Nowu, still slightly frustrated by everything going on, stopped to read the new note on the board, after reading it she'd mumble to herself "An old friend stepping up.. Confidence is a good look for him." she continued on remenicing about past memories and how those friends were doing now
  17. Catins

    Player Announcement A taste of the heat

    [!] Around the cities of Eden a note would be hung with flames painted all over the sides and slightly scorched on the edges. "It has come to my attention that once more I, Nowu, have been accused of something where I was not to blame once more. I have grown tired of this repetitive cycle...
  18. Catins

    Player Announcement A fair warning

    As Nowu read through the post her expression became grim, she mumbled something as she was done reading "I go' 'nuff o' peopl' 'ccusin' meh o' things I didn' do, I'll show'm wha' 'appens when I lose m' patienc'"
  19. Catins

    Player Announcement The Mental Health of the inhabitants of Eden

    Damn, he got to it first, we were planning to do this in Avalheim for our citizens
  20. Catins

    The passing of Krisa Amadeus

    The old man would read through the paper letting out a deep sigh "May the gods take good care of you kind sir Krisa" he'd keep a moment of silence before wandering off.