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    Nation Announcement Imperial Animal Protection Fund - Lunburg Edition

    Protocol; Eviction Town Animals has officially started. The Hadrian PETA will show the fruit of its labor in no time.
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    A Plea for Justice - Letter to Cirlia Zaithrall

    Damn, I'm too late to close it😔
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    Meet the von Wolfhard's - Public Response to the Denouncement

    We dropping parodies now?!
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    ✣ Formal Request - Nachtbruderschaft ✣

    I see, you can leave the book unsigned and copy paste the link out of it. If it's anything of a solution 🤣
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    ✣ Formal Request - Nachtbruderschaft ✣

    Hi there! Setting out personal requests is something which has to be concluded ICly. If you haven't already, please deliver a copy of the book, or a written book with the link to this forum post inside of it to the Imperial Palace.
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    Player Announcement A personal apology

    Self awareness is the best first step to self betterment. Keep up the positive spirit even in times of uncertainty! 😎👍
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    The Skirmish of Flussland - Bonelord Campaign Summary #1

    Speaks volumes in and of itself 🤣
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    The Skirmish of Flussland - Bonelord Campaign Summary #1

    Can't wait to finally catch an offensive as Ralil 😩
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    Death Traps: Balancing

    Perhaps in an event it's possible
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    Death Traps: Balancing

    Then they can't escape due to region permissions which would also not be allowed. So no, no traps will be permitted like this.
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    Another Un-Signed Manuscript

    Sugm'a started reading the text but didn't get much further than the opening.Tew many fehkin' wordz tew be kallin' a bug by dey name. He let his hand warm up until the text caught fire and started smoldering on the ground. Zew den, won lezz 'eadache ferr da ladz. He walked off satisfied as he...
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    Death Traps: Balancing

    There's an existing rule already not to make traps like this
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    A Blink.

    Sorry, I looked
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    The First Imperial Racial Act || On Faulskins...

    Goblin creatures aren't allowed, so half the nobility's going to move out. This is your chance :cool:
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    The First Imperial Racial Act || On Faulskins...

    Luminion 2.0, Aldi'tor had a trans species operation and became diederick confirmed.