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  1. Catins

    Pursuit of Knowledge; Addressing a rumor.

    [!] A singular piece of paper was hung around on the noticeboards of the specific cities of Luminion, Salus Limin, Adelsburg, Al-Jabrid, Zadh-Nadrozz & Lünburg/Volgrath. The one who hung them up clearly didn't bother to write more than necessary but took note to hang the papers as clear from...
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    [Inquisition] Kaiserin Veredra von Lichtenfelts

  3. Catins

    [Inquisition] Kaiserin Veredra von Lichtenfelts

    Wow.. Everyone gets their last name added except Nowù.. damn..
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    Player Announcement From dusk till dawn, A New Era - Freedom from the Rodent of Hadriana

    Placing her eyes on the declaration the tiefling formed a grin as she read through it "Bold mov'.." she spoke out in amusement before placing a hand on her hip, her gaze wandering over the streets of the so called enlightened city she resided in "Well m's Li'nvel's, th'ccusat'ons're'n ye nèw."...
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    Player Announcement Admonishment of the Khari'Cerr

    Continuing to come Nowù reads yet another missive from human lands. This time she didn't immediately state her opinion on it, instead taking some time to think to herself, trying to puzzle it all together. Eventually her expression filled up with rage, her horns flaring up, embers flickering off...
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    Declaration of Infestation - The Rot of Myln Arbor

    Wow, wild This has suddenly become common :(
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    Declaration of Infestation - The Rot of Myln Arbor

    As Nowù finished reading the contents of the letter she slowly shook her head "Tha' forest's rott'n fer sure, bu' no' wi' th'stench o' th'void." she murmured before continuing on with her day, she had more important matters to think of anyways.
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    Temporary setback to the order.

    [!] Nicely hung onto the notice board of the following cities hung a flyer, Mapledale, Lionne, Luminion. The piece of paper held neatly written words in a yellow ink, decorated with several curls on the edges of the paper, all of which holding a feint glow. We as the order of Thyst are facing...
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    Player Event Call of the Void - A Crimson Lord's Message

    I love this but this looks oh so bad for Nowù after yesterday.. Welp an irp reaction coming somewhere today :D
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    Announcing the line up for the Magia Bellum

    [!] A poster was hung around the Library of Thyst and in front of the Nephele and Grace house. Announcing the line up for the Magia Bellum; The groupings go as followed; Duo A ~ Atticus & Maple Nephele Duo B ~ Dain Zakarian & Aegnern Piuldrash Duo C ~ Krisa Amadeus & Nephi'ra-Eir Illysar Duo...
  11. Catins

    Event Announcement A Crimson Funeral

    After a few days eventually the pastel pink tiefling also got her eyes resting on the notice, taking her time reading it. Through-out her expression did not change, staying a neutral blank unshowing of any emotion. She lowered her gaze a bit once she finished reading, a sigh leaving her "May the...
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    🫴🩸|| Let the Voidals speak!!

    Nowù when she eventually does spot Kisho: deep calm breath "Good work." Moving on, enraged unintelligible shouting in the background again. (That was not an actual RP response btw)
  13. Catins

    🫴🩸|| Let the Voidals speak!!

    Man I love Nowù when she's angry, but in chronological order here you go; "Whoever the fuck nailed this to our library I'll fucking.." "This better be good." "If you've got an issue with something we do around here you bring it up with us." "Our walls aren't a notice board." "If you had...
  14. Catins

    🫴🩸|| Let the Voidals speak!!

    As usual Nowuù came to the library, at first not noticing the letters, her mind being somewhere else. But once she paid a little more attention to her surroundings she squinted her eyes in fury, flames dancing in them and her horns instantly ignited in flames. "Wh'ver th'fu' nail'd th's t'r...
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    𖤓 Time for Change: An Open Letter 𖤓

    Nowu peered over the notice as she was moving the last of her stuff, her expression staying emotionless even as she finished reading. She rolled her eyes and continued on, patting her trusty camel 'Camélè' on the side of its neck, she made her stance clear with her actions and didn't deem it...
  16. Catins

    Magic Slots Mandate Metagaming

    This holds truth indeed, the solution would be to not create a character that could be interested in magic but even then it can still occur as you say. Although the other side of the coin if you would remove the limit on mage characters you'd have people specifically looking for teachers on...
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    Event Announcement Necromantic Accession

    The glade won't be safe either >:3
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    Event Announcement The Ghastly Lady

    As Nowù drifted away and opened her eyes again the chills immediately ran over her, annoyed she got out of bed storming down the stairs and into the basement "MAPLE, YER FREEZIN' YER KIDS LIKE THIS!" she quickly shouted as she got down the stairs but was surprised to find the bed empty where...
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    Event Announcement The Ghastly Lady

    For the record, I gave Krisa a dream :3
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    Nation Announcement *:・゚✧*:・゚✧Sanctuary Offered✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

    A still pastel pink tiefling took up the letter, quickly reading through it and eventually shrugging "I ain' movin'.." She confidently spoke out, calmly putting down the letter "If others so wish they may, but I ain' budgin' fer tha' fuck'r 'nymore." Nowu then took a seat and some other papers...