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    Redirect your anger - An Offering

    Eol looks over the missive. The future was uncertain in the desert, perhaps a new destiny awaited him.
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    Nation Announcement A Letter from the Crown

    Eol takes hold of the flier, one of many that mentioned his name. Scrutiny fell over it's contents, and his face molds in to a scowl. "You are no prince..." Eol spits on the floor, ripping the flier to shreds. "Where are you, Esebius.." he then wonders to himself...
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    The Decree of Dissolution of the Jundi

    [!] A flier is nailed around Al-Khadir [!] In the shadows of Al-Khadir, amidst the winds of change that now sweep through our forsaken lands, I, Eol of the Azari'lunn, invoke my authority as the last Arjuani of the Jundi, the guardians once sworn to protect the Sultanate. This decree shall mark...
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    Unbound from Fate - An Open Letter to Anjyarr and the Azari'lunn

    In the quiet of the night, beneath the cloak of shadows, Eol, an Azari'lunn of the Jundi Militia, received a missive delivered to his door. As he unfurled the scroll, the moon's pale light danced upon the inked letters, revealing a tale of defiance and longing. Through the words penned upon the...
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    Player Announcement Down with the Tyrants

    Eol looks over the libel, taking a missive in his hand. He scans its contents and his face turns sour. "Another deluded urchin running amuck. What's new?" Eol comments to his companion, Fi'nar. He tosses the missive in to a trash-bin.
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    The lies of a street urchin

    [!] Fliers are pinned around Al'Khadir and beyond. [!] My dear citizens of Anjyarr, It has come to my attention that there are false accusations being spread about me and my fellow Jundi. I stumbled upon a rather peculiar flyer while patrolling the streets, filled with outrageous claims by...
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    Baalzebub Chronicles V2, Defeater of the Azari'Lunn

    In the quiet twilight betwixt the woods of Bergswald and the towering walls of Adelsburg, where shadows dance solemnly in the roads, there strode a figure both fearsome and forlorn. This was Baalzebub, the green-painted tiefling, marked by his signature green paint, and his golden hand-cuffs...
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    Baalzebug, defeater and slave of the orcs.

    In the wide and sun-drenched expanse where the prairie bleeds into the vastness of the savannah, Baalzebub the Tiefling wandered, a figure dark and lithe, casting a slender shadow upon the earth. His journey, wrought from the whispers of the chaotic, led him into the heart of an altercation most...
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    Event Announcement Necromantic Accession

    Berg Albrecht lays down lumber support beams, his brother Armin placing bricks atop one another to secure the walls. House Albrecht was under construction, within the heart of Lunburg. Berg knew what was to come, undeterred, he knew his forefathers would bear witness to his courage.
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    House Aldrecht | Family Recruitment

    [!] This post is out of character! [!] ALDRECHT FAMILY LORE In the venerable town of Lunburg, tucked beneath the whispering boughs of towering firs and the watchful gaze of the old mountains, there dwelt the family of Aldrecht, a lineage as hardy as the land they called home. The household...