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    Event Announcement A grand spectacle at the Luminion Colosseum!

    Naval warfare comes to the doorstep of the Enlightened City! As the beginning of Eden's Shine looms over the horizon, the Enlightened Kingdom decided to host a grand spectacle to welcome the warm seasons. All are invited to come and compete in a simulated naval battle in the Luminion colosseum...
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    Event Announcement A beacon rekindled - Celebrations in Aerial

    *A long piece of parchment is hung on the notice board of all nation capitals The silver glittering lettering says:* A beacon rekindled At the dawn of 1523, the silver bastion of the north, Aerial, was taken from its people by the chaotic hordes of Zarzareth, the lord of blight. The people...
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    Player Announcement Requesting an audience.

    [!] A letter has been delivered to the Hadrian palace. It bears the Zaithrall seal. Requesting an audience. Issued: 21th of Goldscorch, 1527 On this blessed Fireday towards the end of Goldscorch is his majesty the Therri'cill of Luminion, Aldir'tor Zaithrall the first requesting an audience...
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    Server Announcement To address a recent incident.

    Pfew, where do I even begin with all this? Recent events have stirred up some powerful bad memories from the past in some people, leaving a sour taste in their mouths here. Not that long ago (yesterday), we decided to hire a new developer. This developer seemed a nice person at first, but our...
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    [Birth] | Aedaere Household

    Bless this child
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    Ceri Raelan

    This right here is the funniest shit I've seen in a while. Thank you for giving me a good laugh.
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    Server Announcement Political map of Eden

    Will do once the woodies complete their tile sales this weekend to make it more accurate.
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    Event Announcement The Son's Day Masquerade - Lilith's Veil 1527

    The Luminion Masquerade. Son's Day Celebration 1527. [!] A letter would be sent out to all major towns of Eden. In glittering silver ink is written: As Lilith passes Eden through the void once again, the 'cill gather to commemorate the tragedies of the Age of Fallen Spires and the victory...
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    Honest Player Silenced!

    All I see in the above post are the ramblings of a mad lady. I'd like to clarify that this is a very carefully put-together collection of cropped screenshots that are here for the sole reason of making our moderation team look like a bunch of mad dogs going after players for *reasons*. This...
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    Luminion Public Assembly 1526

    Luminion Public Assembly 1526 [!] Big posters are hung on the inner gates and the notice board. To the citizens of the blessed citadel that is the enlightened city of Luminion, troubling times are upon us as the barbaric lesser western hordes try to break the dominance of the everlasting...
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    Institutes and how to use them.

    Institutes and how to use them What is the institute system?: The institute system is a server system that allows players to earn Andros through roleplay instead of OOC means. The system is designed to reward players for taking the initiative and generating roleplay with generous compensation...
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    Letters of Keen

    Upon receiving the message, Aldir'tor would first not even give it any attention as it seemed to be written in a language he did not yet grasp.- Yet as time went on, the letter reappeared at the top of his pile of scrolls and messages. After considering ignoring it once more, he opened the...
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    Followers of the Maker moving south

    Aldir'tor would hear of the news from traveling merchants that entered Luminion the other day, as he got himself a copy of the Vater's statement and quickly read through it before handing it back to the traveling Hadrian. "And just like that, the first brick is out of the wall. Now we wait until...
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    Zhen Dhelvin

    He do be sexy for a delf.
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    Nation Announcement Royal Decree Regarding the De’nevir

    Royal Decree Regarding the De’nevir Issued Saintsday 08, Highbloom 1526 The Azari'cill and the De'nevir have a long shared history within the Glade of Dragons. For many moons, the two races exchanged knowledge and pushed the pinnacle of civilization that is the Enlightened Kingdom forward. Yet...
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    Looking for someone to play my firstborn son. DM on discord if interested :)

    Looking for someone to play my firstborn son. DM on discord if interested :)
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    Gotta love it

    Gotta love it