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  1. HexIsGone

    Dumb? I do not think so.

    Bitter-sweet news this week folks! I do not know why, from where comes all the hate for us, best race in Eden! What did The Azari'Cill do to people who hate us so much? We see We have competition! Here at The Daily Light Inc. we like general competition! Da Brainbustah from the orcs down...
  2. HexIsGone

    For The Better.

    Most of us are happy that he is gone. You probably all heard the news, but Matthias Joseph Withmond is DEAD. Yes Ladies and Gentlemen he is dead, donzo, deadorius. He died as the second Withmond to be a joke it is still hilarius how his father jumped from the window. There's a new...
  3. HexIsGone

    Useless Mumble?

    The Cellitil's are at it Again! The 'Lun folk are useless. We all know it. Nothing new. Lately they have interfered with The Latest Drama, that has been going on in Eden between the great, majestic and unbelievably Amazing Therri'Cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall and the disguasting Vari's that have...
  4. HexIsGone

    Withmond, The Brave?

    As the Orcs would say, Da 'Umiez vont laik diz one! Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, another month, another Daily Light! I hope you are doing well this beautiful morning and let's get to the news! -=- Da man Pizzed 'imself! Son of Roderick Withmond, Matthias Joseph Withmond, commonly known as...
  5. HexIsGone

    Competition City?

    A human city got a make over! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Adelsburg, once known as the shithole of society among the 'Cill High elves got a make over, and you wont believe it, it's actually *cough* "Not That Bad". Other news: "The Lecture About Purity Went Great!" People well saying, I...
  6. HexIsGone

    Losing of a Friend?

    Is this good news or bad? Our beloved co-worker and assistant of this assemeblage, Ayerlinde Valya'mors is getting a purity trial. This is bad news for the tottaly active Lady Luminion. As my personal friend and my employee if the council decides against her good it will not be a good day...
  7. HexIsGone


    Vale, Vale! Ladies and Gentlemen! The Luminion Citizen Council is coming up and you better not miss it! The High 'Cill Leadership of our Gorgeous nation are picking a new person to be a part of the leadersip! By that, I, your's truly, will be running for that position as well! I can not wait...
  8. HexIsGone

    The Maquerade

    Ladies & Gentlemen This is going to be an exciting one! But before we tell you some exciting news! -=- Post of the Week Is... A very good piece indeed... -=- The Masquerade is happening in Luminion! You shall come masked duh so noone can see you!
  9. HexIsGone

    Praise the High Elves!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I think it is time. I think it is time people would praise the High elves more. After all.. We are the best nation. So this brings me to introduce you to a new part of The Daily Light which praises us the best race in Eden! It is called The 'Cill Tayne! -=- And now...
  10. HexIsGone

    The Luminion Library is Back in Buiseness!

    IT IS BACK my precious Come and enjoy the wonderful books from ALL of Eden! From the Normal Attian lands to the sandy deserts of Anjyarr! It is back and better than ever! Come by Luminion and read a book Stay 'Cill everyone and we will keep you posted, Here at The Daily Light -=- OOC...
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    Join Luminion Today!

  12. HexIsGone

    Luminion emoji on forums

    Emoji of the best nation.
  13. HexIsGone

    Sister Newspaper?

    The Daily Light Company is getting an expansion! The Daily Light is getting a sister like Magazine called; Lady Luminion! In the Magazine there will be EVERYTHING a Cill woman wants! -Latest Fashion -Latest hair styles -Latest Gossip -Latest News from the Temple! The Magazine Director will...
  14. HexIsGone

    An Addition!

    Ladies and Gentlemen! The Daily Light is getting an Addition. There is a new employee added to the Aerièlle-Bessired Company. Her name is Ayerlinde Valya'mors. She will be our Assistant CEO of the company. Mi, [Aldail Laemoth Thrammour] will officialy congratulate Ms. Ayerlinde. Stay Cill...
  15. HexIsGone

    Seeing Corruption?

    Vale People of Eden. Dear reader. Are you seeing red goo type of fungi around your city? Do not worry! The research lab of Eden is working on it, as fast as we can. Mi, [Aldail Laemoth Thrammour] will go personally to Every nation of Eden and try to research this red mess. -=- Stay healthy...
  16. HexIsGone

    Luminion College Grand Opening!

    The Luminion College of Magic and Sorcery is opening! Come visit and enjoy the opening! OOC: The event will be happening on the 13th of March at 8PM CET. (23PM for you Ash I think)
  17. HexIsGone

    Researcher Team Looking For Members!

    New Guild on the Horizon! Vale people of Eden! As the head researcher of Eden's Lab I'm calling the smartest and bravest people of Eden to sign up for Eden's Lab - Where you can research, write or invent things NOBODY has done before! Come, Research, write, invent with mate's and Have fun...
  18. HexIsGone

    Luminion Awaits!

    New Builds have been added to Luminion! Come and look for yourself! Vale People of Eden! Yes you heard it here first! The biggest city (and Arguably the most beautiful one) in Eden got an upgrade! To the city got added: ~Our Therr'Cill's and Aeri'Cill's palace! ~Military Base! ~Fancier entry...
  19. HexIsGone

    He is Locked up.

    Ladies And Gentlemen. He got locked up. Odis, the man that commited an act of Theft in The Englihtened Kingdom has been sentecned to pay a fine 141 Andros after which he was transfered to Radymie to wait for his punishment. OTHER NEWS: A Brand New Tavern opened in Luminion and it is opened...
  20. HexIsGone

    Time For Celebrations!

    The mother has brought us Royal Children! Vale people of Eden! It has finnaly happened! Our Aeri'Cill, A'mos Zaithrall had three babies! Our Therri'Cill is inviting you all to come to the Enlightened Kingdom and celebrate the newborns! Other News: There still is time to apply for the grand...