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  1. kdeeks

    Player Event The Dwindling Flame - A desperate letter to all Denur

    -~✵~- The candlelight wanes. -~✵~- Dearest Prodigal Children, If we as Denur were to continue upon the same path as we currently trek, I solemnly swear the death of our people will be assured. I, Ossolin Wyrmthane, chief of the Wyrmthane Clan, Rightful Successor of The Denur Throne, humbly...
  2. kdeeks

    Player Announcement The Fallen Denur - A notice on the new order

    Dwarvern masses flee Dar-ach Denur during the night of a Thousand ashes -~✵~- In notice to all the folk, tall and wide, of Eden - The status of the Denur people and the resurgence of a new order is declared. -~✵~- The Great Horrors The famine that has stricken our people for many, many...
  3. kdeeks

    Clan Wyrmthane - The Great Denur Clans

    -~✵~- [!] [A trifecta of scrolls, equal in quality of parchment, would be nailed in close proximity to each other.] [This is but one of the three.] [The scroll was written in fine script and flowing penmanship] Good-day one and all! We, the eloquent and pristine individuals of Clan...