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A letter of high valued materials written, and sent to people
that knew Mortis during his time.


To those that knew me.
To those that should have gotten to know me.

My name is Mortis Karris,
I came far to hunt demons, and attempt to aid nations in their combat against it.
Though now, when i have wife and would soon have my own children,
now when i try to settle and live peacefully.
The Khari'cerr has to make his decision to send his guards after me. With invalid accusations
trying to bring me to my demise. I did never seek to harm those around me.
Yet he continues to provoke my actions with his attempts onto my life.

I have sought and found my solution.
Dearest elizabeth, my beloved wife.
I have to leave you, and our children to keep you safe from the acts of the sad excuse for a
race that lives amongst trees.
I have left my most precious belongings for our children to you.
I hope you will hold them dear and tell our children the story of how i lived.

For my sake, i will sail back to my lands of origin. Off of this wretched land to seek
peace amongst the barren cities i came from.

A warning to each of you, my dear friends and loved people.
Each person with the scar of a crescend moon. Is to be held an enemie.
I marked every single one of them who came after my life.

Upon these last finishing words, i lay nothing more then my blade.
To wish each and everyone of you a protected and guided life.

My golden masters await me,



This letter is sent to:
Argyles doorstep
Hans house
Krisas hiding hole
And everyone who knew mortis better then acquaintance.
But definitly not Aedan

It was fun to roleplay with you all, i enjoyed making new friends and
meeting so many people.
I myself will presumeably with this leave the roleplay scene for either a longer time, or for good
Cya all and i wish you a great day.

(PSST, if u get executed by azula u get sum fancy fokin rp)
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i aint comin back till i feel like it smh, be happy for the decision of someone to focus on more important stuff.
i aint comin back till i feel like it smh, be happy for the decision of someone to focus on more important stuff.
Take your time with your break/leave. Sometimes this server can get to much with all the drama. Please take care dude! Hopefully see you again one day!