Treaty A friendship rekindled. - The Alliance of Amber and Silver III


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The Alliance of Amber and Silver III
Issued: Moonday the 17th of Rainswrath, 1528

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Today is a joyful day as the children of the Father and the Mother, blessed be their names, are united in friendship once more.
The leadership of the Mystical Empire of Mitrona and the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion have decided to renew the Alliance of Amber and Silver once more.

Together we will stand to drive all evil from our blessed glade.

Defensive Alliance

Signatories have agreed to the following terms regarding a Defensive Alliance:

-Signing parties will agree to aid each other in a military capacity when the heartland of that nation is being threatened. These are the provinces within the Glade of Dragons. Any colonial regions are excluded from this agreement.

-Signing parties refrain from participating in any conflicts which put them at odds with one another. Further, there will be no conflicts between citizens or families of note within either state.

- Signing parties will open each other's borders for one another, allowing for free trade and military access.

-When visiting either signatories’ territories, citizens are expected to abide by the laws upon which soil they step foot on and respect the local customs.

-Should an issue or conflict arise that breaches this article, the signatories agree to handle the matter via the appropriate, diplomatic channels.

-Both parties will erect an embassy in the capital of the other to aid in communication. Both parties will assign a diplomat to this embassy to act as a spokesperson for the nation they represent.

This accord shall remain in effect for a period of five years, with the option to renew its terms to be discussed at the time of its expiry.

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Solana would read over the treaty once more, humming. "That went Alright. Fairly Well even, I'd say in fact." She continues to hum, placing it in her bookshelf, with the other pacts. before leaving the small office alone.