Player Event A New Mother's Blessing | An Elven Matrimony


[!] A letter was sent with a red seal

An Elven Matrimony
The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion may rejoice as the Mother blessed the binding of Eldrion Loreall and Erisdanwe Aedaere.
They request the pleasure of your company to celebrate their marriage.

The official ceremony will begin at the temple this following Harvestday during The Emerald Dusk, followed with a celebration at Tavern Foteinós.

We would be honored with your presence.

OOC: The event will take place at 4pm CET / 8am MST on Tuesday, 28 June 2022, and last till forever the couple decides to stop. Everyone is of course not required to stay for a long period of time, and may depart whenever after the ceremony.

Maids, servants, and entertainers are all very much wanted and will be paid 50 Andros for their services during the event.

Signing up for one of these positions can be done by contacting ComiclyCute#4491



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Mitrona's daddy, Khari'cerr
Vanessa gently opens up a letter in the comfort of the Aey'flir garden "Oh?! Eldrion and Ms. Aedaere are finally getting married?" The spoiled housewife says excitedly "I must prepare a gift" She snaps her fingers jolting up "- and tell Fynenar!" She heads inside to tell him of the news and talk his ear off- though he likely already knew long before her.