Build information and rules.

Build information and rules.

Below you can find information, tips and tricks regarding building on the Fables and Fantasy server. For starters we go into the plot world system, once you scroll past that you will find information about styles, tips and builder tricks. We hope that this guide will help you while building your own things in Eden. If you have an questions you can always ask the build team, we would be glad to help.

1. Rules and plot system

Before you start building by yourself we should inform you of some standard build rules, these rules are listed down below and are essential during your project.

1. It is not allowed to copy builds, this includes YouTube tutorials, pictures, builds from different servers or schematics from example planet minecraft. Though you can not one on one copy things from here these platforms can be used for inspiration.
2. Schematics from older minecraft servers are sometimes outdated, this means they have to be checked by the build team before they can be put onto the server.
3. Ore blocks, barriers and redstone, are forbidden to be used in your build. Heads can be added (ask build team for them) but are limited since it can lag out the server.
4. A plot can be ordered by the leader of a nation, this to make sure the build is approved of. If you are trying to build something in an unclaimed tile different rules apply. Ask about this in your ticket.
5. If a staff member decides to paste a build in without approval of the build team manager, the build will be removed from Eden until it’s paid for and/or approved.

Plots and prices
To give our players some more initiative in creating their Eden, we have created a second universe where you will be able to build your own creation for the continent. Building on the plotworld does cost some money, this payment system is in place because you will be able to use creative mode and world edit, the prices are listed below. All andros have to be paid up front in the form of build tokens. These tokens can be found at the builders office in spawn and are worth 50 andros each. Once a ticket has been made a builder will direct you at to wich office you can deposit the determined amount of build tokens in. The payment is a one off, if the plot owner can not give updates in their ticket atleast once a week the plot will be closed. Once a plot is closed you will have to pay again in order to open a new one.

64x64 plot - 500 Andros
64x128 plot - 800 Andros
128x128 plot - 1500 Andros
Cost of adding a player - 50 Andros

Max active builders on a plot: 5

If you want to add more players to your plot to come and build with you, then you pay 50 extra for each player you add. This is to prevent the plotworld from becoming flooded and thus removing roleplay from Eden.

How to join the plot world
To join the world and start building, some steps are in order before you can start:​

1: Make a build ticket and suggest your idea, what is the space you need and how many people are joining you to the plot world.
2: Get approval of build team, so you can start working on your build.
3: Pay the determined amount of andros in advance. For example, if you want to make a house inside a plot with 2 extra people you will convert 950 andros to build tokens and deposit them in one of the build offices that is assigned.
4: After the confirmation of your payment and the approval, you can start building on the plot world. You can builds for as long as you like, only think we ask of you is to update Build team in your build ticket atleast once a week so we can check on activity. If one feels to do so the plot will be closed, to open a new plot a new payment has to be made.
5: At the time of building, you can request a builder, this builder can help you. They will not make the build for you, but they can be of assistance and give tips.
6: You finished the build! Good, the build team shall take a look at your build and with their approval it will be pasted on the spot that you have marked out.

2. The nations and their many styles
Before you start building you have to decide on a style, down below we summarized a large portion of all the existing designs for nations and styles. With this we try to give you a first step in the right direction. Of course you can stray from these styles, but do know that using examples, ‘’not copying’’ makes your building life easier!

- High elves
- Dark elves
- Wood elves
- Humans
- Denur
- Orks
-High Elves-
High elves are a race that focuses on being pure, this purity can be seen throughout their style. Their capital Luminion stands on a mountain within the Glade of Dragons. This city is relatively close to spawn and a wonder to see. The High elves have put lots of time and effort into their architecture and their surroundings. High elves are beings that have a long life span, hence why they take special care of the nature that surrounds them. High elf buildings can be recognized by their iconic use of quartz and other white blocks, combined with blue roofs. Once you see the city, you will be bombarded by the white walls.



-Dark elves-
Dark elves are the opposites of the High elves. Living in the hot environments of the Anjyarr desert, the Dark elf style is mostly based on Middle-Eastern architecture that we know in real life. Recognizable by the domes, orange roofs and sandstone walls the city flourishes on the river Delta. Once you approach the city you will be met by the domes that tower the city, with most noticeably the palace. The Dark Elves build elegantly for important buildings, and a more simple style for normal housing. Something that really shows the care for what Dark elves find essential in life.



-Wood elves-
The Wood elves are the warriors or hunters of the 3 elven races. They are embracing the way of nature. The main capital, called Mitrona, is a prime example of their lifestyle. Like their roofs that are covered with leaves and moss, the walls are mostly made of wood, sticks and twigs. Mitrona is east of Luminion and you could walk there to enjoy the beauty of their nature and the forest of Myln Arbor.


The humans of the world, the Attians of the north and the Khadan from the dunes of Anjyarr. While the Khadan live in the Middle-Eastern and Egyptian-based structures in the sand, the Attians of the north live in various Medieval European builds on the fast green plains and forests. Their cultures stand out the most, mainly as their structures are something completely different compared to the high-fantasy structures of the other races.

The human kingdoms are seperatly treated down below due to their differing styles.

Veronia, the newest Attian kingdom of the world, is mainly housed in the green plains of the western coast. Their domain is made out of various styles of Medieval England, Germany, and their new main style of a mixture of various European countries. Their dark-fantasy structures are something to behold, with even tints of Gothic architecture.



-East Veronia-
While their central city is built in a colorful Italian and Mediterranean style, their central culture and build style outside their capital is Medieval Netherlands and German. Their beautiful canals and trade towns are a sight to behold. And their green fields are filled with old Western-European castles and villages.


-Krolestwo Radymie-
The Kingdom of Radymie, also a very new kingdom, based in the North in the Magna Attia. Their biomes are filled with rock and thick spruce forests. It is a cold and harsh place, only fit for the toughest of Attians. They live in highly decorated Eastern-European cities, hidden by the spruce trees. Though their history is short as of now, their devotion to their buildings is something to be proud of.


The Denur are a proud people and show that in their huge dark structures, they are a people that call the mountains their home. Living in the northern mountains called the ancient giant lands with the Dar-Ach Denur as their capital. The Denur are also a rich kind, filled with ore's, gems and minerals in their enormous hold. But also filled with their stone works and carved architecture. The Denur build some stones along the way and they turn them into supports or an awesome statue.



While the Orcs of Eden are seen as a violent race and have the history to prove it, they too have some quality of building and styles. The Orcs live like a nomadic race, using found resources and recycling them into their homes and tools. Orc culture is simple; the stronger and bigger, the better. The Orcs' home is in one of the oldest Denur cities of Eden. This city was once one of the major cities of the Denur, but abandoned long ago. The Orcs drastically changed it into their style with wood, cloth, and stone huts. Orc houses, though weak and simple-minded compared to the structures of the other races, still give the Orcs their well-known identity. Homes are simple-made with wood, cloth, stone, and even bones of animal carcasses or monsters. Yet, while the Orcs live in huts, they even use caves and burrows if nature offers it.



3. Tips and tricks
-Wallpaper effect.
This trick is used to give the effect of a wallpaper, this will create a bit of depth. Windows, shelves and bookshelves work with this method. Be careful since the wallpaper takes a lot of space. If you have a small house, for example, then the wallpaper would not fit.


-Buttons and signs.
When first seeing buttons and signs, you think of them as a sign and redstone, but we see them differently. Buttons could be used as small sticks or stones that are laying on the ground or sticking out of a building.


-Small details.
Try to scatter your build with small details like crates and other things like 3D items, this adds some liveliness to the build.


-Nature and environment.
Nature makes your build pop, a house looks 10x as good if you find it in nicely decorated nature instead of a flat grass field. Try to use leaves to make bushes and thicken out the nature, then add the tall flowers and plants around the leaves and put the lower ones further away so you create some depth to your plants and nature.


4. Stages of upgrading your build

-Stage one

Stage 1: The build is very bland and plain, it lacks some detail and debt, this can be fixed by following the upcoming stages.

-Stage two
Stage 2: We added debt to the roof, this we do by breaking it up with blocks and slabs. Trapdoors can also be added to create a nice outer edge.

-Stage three
Stage 3: Once you fixed the roof, you can start looking at the walls. To make the walls more interesting you can add several blocks instead of one, this breaks up a plain texture. In this example we added some andesite and cobblestone to the stone wall. Calcite and polished diorite to the house itself, and stripped spruce wood to the beams.

-Stage four
Stage 4: Once you fix the roof and walls you can move on to the button and sign trick, but adding buttons and signs onto a flat surface you add this tiny bit more debt that as a whole really makes the build pop.

-Stage five
Stage 5: To make the build more interesting in general you can add some details. In this case we opted for a chimney and shutters for the windows. These details make the build more realistic in general and really finish it off.

-Stage six:
Stage 6: Once you finish the main structure you can focus on the surroundings. What really makes it pop is nature, adding leaves and trees to the surrounding makes the whole area more lively and interesting. But it all depends on the location of your building of course!

-Builders are only there to advise you, they are not obligated to help you. It is also their own choice to fully help you with the project or to build for you.​

-If you don't agree with the prices, building something in survival is always free, except for the special blocks you have to buy from the spawn shops.

-Some builds in the map have a lore connection and therefore should not be simply removed or edited. If you want to repair or remove some of these builds, or alter certain lore signs, if you are not sure, ask a build-team member, discuss this first with the builder and also with the lore team.

-The area you can choose is 64x64. On this space you can work on your own project, do you want more? You can, but you also have to pay more. Areas of 10x10 or 30x30 are not possible, as there are only plots of 64x64.​

-If you are not able to update your status in your ticket atleast once a week the plot will be closed due to inactivity.

-Builders have the permission to remove the build, but first they need to discuss this with their Team manager and the player itself.

-Before getting added to the plotworld, please make a screenshot of your inventory or store it in a safe place (or both). If it happens that you lost your stuff without making a screenshot, the staff team can’t refund your inventory.

-And most importantly, all builds, either made on the plot world or in survival, have to be checked by a build team member (build rules). If a build does not meet the standard, it will be removed or simply not pasted in.

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