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Community Team's
End of The Month Update
February 2023

We're back at it again with another End of The Month Update! Albeit a day late, we have much to discuss about February's data and what's happening in March.

As some of you may have noticed, we have a new Team Manager for Gamemasters! Congratulations to Fable's most toxic ET, MissTy! Alongside that, Twisted has become a new Lore Manager. I'm excited about this month! The team has new data for you guys about the logistics of whitelist applications.

As part of the update, staff collected the February community feedback. It’s time to review all the data collected from last month and let you know what's coming up in March.

Feedback Analytics

Wow, 40 players! That is the goal I was hoping to reach, as we had only 34 responses last month. A good chunk of these responses came from those who joined this month, a whopping fifteen people! Due to an error in the Google form, you see a consolidated pie graph on how players learned about Fables! The new list will be standard on future feedback forms.

While we have mostly good reviews and feedback, I'd like to point something out. If you rate the server's state at a range of 1-4 and don't leave your discord tag at the bottom… it is impossible to contact you to find out what we can do with this constructive criticism. How can we strive to become a better community if I can't contact you to determine what changes the server needs?

Application Data
In February, we saw around 90 valid applications. The current approval ratio is ~53%, which is too low. I plan to push for changes that will help shrink the number of 'Pending - Denied' applications to becoming 'Pending - Approved' applications; 31% of applications are eventually denied is a lack of response. Applicants need to keep track of the needed changes on their applications. The application is unfortunately denied if changes aren't made within a week.

Out of the applicants that did get accepted, congrats! Welcome to Fables! Humans take most of this month's applications, with 19 new players; 8 Attians, 7 Hinters, and 4 Khadan. The next popular race this month was the elves! Out of the 16 elves, we have 9 Wood, 4 High, and 3 Dark. Finally, there were 10 tieflings accepted this month and 1 Halfling!

Unfortunately, no Denur or Faulskins (Orcs/Goblins) were accepted this month.


Staff Roster Changes

Moderation Team
+ 𝐁𝐨𝐥𝐭𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫#1542​

Event Team
+ MissTy (TM)​
+ Kdeeks#5373 (Trial)​
+ 𝐁𝐨𝐥𝐭𝐓𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫#1542 (Trial)​
+ bruuuuuuuuuuh#1491 (Trial)​
- Sid#4497
Community Team
+ maple#3373​
+ Acheron#5422​
+ Mıracłe#0001​
- minerva6708#7761
Tech Team
+ maple#3373 (Dev)​
+ Darwin#6417 (Artist)​
+ FreeWizry#5182 (Dev)​
+ Nyomi#8970 (Artist)​
+ recoon004#8317 (Texture)​
+ Language#1688 (UI)​
- knight#8211
Build Team
+ Wouter#8140​
- Sid#4497
Lore Team
+ Twisted#8229 (LM)​
+ azula#1490​
+ Kdeeks#5373​
+ FinnBlue#9240​

Community Contest

The Great Beast Chronicles - Monthly Contest
In previous months, contests have always been about art, writing, or memes. In a first for our community, February's contest will impact the server itself.

After extensively reviewing the wonderful entries, I am proud to present the winners of this month's contest. First place will receive 250 tokens and work alongside the Lore Team to streamline their creature to be introduced to the server. Second place will receive 200 tokens and is encouraged to flesh out their creature and submit it for official review, though you may or may not get your piece accepted. The third place will receive 100 tokens.

First Place
"Skittering Hunger"
By Voltage#5710

[Click here to read Voltage's Entry!]
"What are they?"
Beneath them were about an innumerable amount of equally sized stones- All which appeared to have been carved to seem as though they were scarab beetles.
"I’m not entirely sure…" Aranthir reached down to pick up one of the stones which prompted Kenneth to do the same, both inspecting it more closely. "A compulsive Denur maybe? The workmanshi-'' The Elf cut himself off as the stone began to shake in his hand, sudden seams appearing between the limbs of the stone scarab.

Second Place
"A Macabre Tale"
By Raph#1932

[Click here to read Raph's Entry!]

They watched as the creatures played and frolicked, their strange, cat-like behavior only adding to their curiosity. But as they were watching, they noticed something strange happening.
The creatures began to emit more of the otherworldly seeming mist. The dwarves watched in awe as the creatures were less and less visible until they disappeared completely into the mist.
The dwarves were left standing in the darkness, unsure of what they had just witnessed. But they knew that they had seen something truly macabre, something that would stay with them forever.

Third Place
"Snow Yeti"
By Patt and FallenAngel

[Click here to read Patt and Angel's Entry!]

Walking through the thick snow, the snow falling around like a blizzard covering their footsteps shortly after they were made. One of them would then call out to the others
"There seems to be a small hill over there we can rest behind," The other would agree following towards the so-called 'hill' as they got closer they didn't see anything off but as one of them stood almost in front of it, they froze.
The large hill seems to be fur, they turned to the others to be quiet as not to wake the beast, but it was already too late. The large Yeti slowly shake the snow off itself, rising up and standing almost 7 meters tall.

Winners will be contacted shortly. Thank you for participating in February’s community contest! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with in March’s contest!


Upcoming in March
As we head into March 2023, remember to check with your nation leaders about upcoming events for your playerbase!

Community Call - March 19th
It’s community call time! Arkhun, along with other staff, will be hosting the community call in our main discord! It’ll start at 22:00 CET (4 PM EST for Americans), and will run for at least an hour!

A community call is the best time to get an insight behind the scenes, a sneak peek into what’s coming up, and a chance to ask the owner questions in front of a large crowd! This is also the best time to invite a friend to Fables, as community calls are quite an enjoyable and exciting time.

Crafted Captures - Monthly Contest
Break out that F2! It’s time for March’s community contest. This month, you can have your screenshot posted to Fables' social media. The screenshot must be related to the server.

Only the best two screenshots will be selected! Your screenshot can be of an event, a nation, a location, and so on. All we ask is that you take the best screenshot you can! Shaders, texture packs, staged actors, give us anything you can do! Keep it appropriate; we're still a Minecraft server, after all. Your screenshot must be your own.

Please take two screenshots. One is your entry, and the other should be a selfie of your player in the entry to prove that you are taking the picture.

See you at the end of the month!
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