Crime & Theft Rules

Crime & Theft Rules
Welcome to the Crime & Theft Rules!

The goal of this document is to explain the game rules that must be applied during illicit contexts, such as lockpicking, vandalism etc. (see below)

If you have any questions, please talk to our staff team.

Chapter I. Lockpicking and Looting

  1. Unlocked chests can be stolen from, without limitations.
  2. Signs must be placed to describe the roleplay once concluded (scattered footprints, etc). You can request assistance in a /rlm (request loremaster) if unable to place down signs due to region permissions.
  3. At a successful lockpick of a chest, you can loot up to one-half (rounded down) from a single stack. You can only loot three slots, per target chest.
  4. You are allowed to take items from shulker boxes in a locked chest, but you cannot take the shulker box itself unless it is empty.
  5. You cannot interact with blocks in order to break into a location or bypass locks.
  6. You can only loot three locked chests per 24 OOC hours.
  7. Doors can be lockpicked without limit as long as the player has enough lockpicks in their inventory.
  8. You are allowed to kill or steal unprotected animals, but you will have to leave at least two alive/behind.

Chapter II. Vandalism

  1. You must request a loremaster (using /requeststaff Loremaster) before an act of vandalism. A member of the Lore Team will DM the event and make the required alterations in-game.
  2. You can conduct minor acts of vandalism, such as graffiti, propaganda, or minor destruction (windows, doors, banners, etc) without region owner approval.
    • Signs must be placed down to describe the scene. You can request assistance from a loremaster if you're unable to place down signs due to region permissions.

Chapter III. Heists
1. Heists to free prisoners, kidnap a player in public, etc. can only be carried out by a force consisting of the number of players present at the target location to a maximum of 5 players. (Example: 3 players at the target location means the heisting party can take a maximum of 3 players when 10 are present at the target location, the heisting party can take up to 5 players.)
2. If a group wishes to take more than 5 players to a heist situation, it can only be done by declaring a raid. (see: raid rules)
3. Non-raid Heists targeting any location can only be done if there are more than 3 players present at the target location.
4. When the lockpicks are not available, or players don't have any on them during a heist/pillaging session after a raid, refer to the following roll sheet for breaking through lockables.

Required rolls for success:
  • Wooden Door — Roll 17+
  • Iron Doors — Roll 19+
  • Wooden Trapdoors — Roll 15+
  • Iron Trapdoors — Roll 18+
  • Glass Window — Roll 12+
  • Wooden Fence Window — Roll 15+
  • Wooden Gate — Roll 15+
  • Iron-Bar Window — Roll 19+
  • Chest — Roll 16+
All rolls have to be made using a D20.
Rolling under a 5 will result in the target lock jamming, blocking players from attempting to break the lock again.

4. Each player present has one chance per lockable to pick the lock/break-in.
5. All break-in rolls have to be done under the supervision of a Loremaster or Moderator.
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