Den Wederopbloei der Volkskrant - No.1


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[!] A newspaper has been dropped to the doors of everyone in Raevendrecht and its surrounding settlements.
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The Northwind Bard
Elduin frowned immediately upon reading the third page, setting it down on the table in annoyance and letting out a big sigh. "I can't believe my title is being coined with that damned cultist..." He pressed a finger up to his chin in thought, humming. "What other name could possibly be more catchy?"


Luminion's main male manipulator.
Kharis received a copy of the newspaper, largely because they featured in a large portion of it. He enjoyed the read comfortably, in the populated tavern of Aerial. While they were indeed the one who lent time for the interview, the portion with the political parties was new. She enjoyed reading over each snippet. His pen moved over the parchment to annotate it, idle. "Everyone wants to be heard." He commented, speaking quietly to the being nearby to him. "It is.. a basic, fundamental desire. To be heard and understood. Why must it be listed as a.. goal, for these parties to fulfill?" Her shoulders shifted in a small shrug. Dismissive. Not her monkeys, and most certainly not her circus. "She was quite good about noting down exactly what I said. Even down to how many fingers I used to indicate where it's mark is." Overall, he seemed delighted and amused by the newspaper. Looking forward to more coming! "Maybe they should rename the guard while things are still being reformed. The Orange Guard.. not their best work."


The Butler
"I'm not entirely certain, Master Kharis. Perhaps in feeling unheard, themselves, they don't wish to hear the other party."

Idril had read over it, himself.

"Quite right, Master Kharis. Accurate information and specific quotes go a long way to conveying somebody's intent. It seems the writer wanted you to be understood."

He'd given no opinion on the name of the guard.