Event Announcement Northern Seafarers Guild: Harpooning & Fishing

[!] This message containing the crest of the Northern Seafarers Guild was sent to all realms within Eden [!]



Hereby the Northern Seafarers Guild wishes to announce an event shall be hosted at the Lunberg-docks. All nations are welcome to attend, the sea and it's spoils are for all to enjoy.

Activities that can be participated in are ;

The Drunken Whaler
This is a drinking game, the one able to drink the most bottles of 'Whalers-Wódka' in a sloop on sea. wins it. However be warned, many a sailor have fallen, or drowned trying to balance their sloops whilst being very drunk.

A Fisherman's Dream

This activity is about fishing whilst riding on a horse, only the most experienced fishermen are able to do this. The one to catch the most salmons without falling of their horse wins.

A Whale's Nightmare

This activity has been suggested by the Flying Flusslander's quartermaster and other officers, after witnessing the last whale hunt. They noticed many a sailor not proficient enough in the art of harpooning, either aiming for spots where the whale wasn't going to be hurt or altogether missing their throws.
The aim is to hit the most targets, one further away then the other. This will require agility more then strength, for one may not take long rest in-between throws.

Per activity the winner shall be granted a pouch of fifty Andros, if one manages to win all activities they will earn a pouch of three-hundred Andros. This is impossible however for a drunkards aim isn't going to win at harpooning.

The guild wishes you a safe journey, and hopes to host thy at the event.


[!] OOC Event Information [!]

Time and date: 2/02 at 9PM-CET (European) 3PM-EST (US)

The Drunken Whaler-

Upon consuming a bottle of Whalers-Wodka one will /roll 20. If rolled below the 10 one will /roll 3.
rolling 1 will make your character light-headed.
rolling 2 will make your character tipsy.
rolling 3 will make your character drunk, being drunk means you lose!

A Fisherman's Dream-
Upon catching a pufferfish you will /roll 20 agility. If rolled below 10 your horse will get spooked and throw you off, instantly ending the contest for you!

A Whale's Nightmare-
Throwing a harpoon will require /roll 20 agility, if rolled above 10, one will /roll 3.
rolling 1 will cause you to hit the target
rolling 2 means you had a good hit, the target is mortally wounded
rolling 3 means a HEADSHOT!

Note: If you have participated in the Drunken Whaler activity you will get -4 agility on your rolls

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