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[!] A proclamation from the Staten Generaal would be send across all nations of Eden [!]

In their arrogance the usurper Kingdom of Veronia has shown their true colours and declared war on the Independent Republic of the United Provinces of the Hinterlands.
They have brought forth a stupendous amount of ridiculous claims to try and justify their petty try at imperialism. For all nations in Eden can see that Count Vivan the Augassi can not control his people, the economy of Veronia has lacked behind, the streets are nay but empty and in the alleyways of Adelsburg whispers are questioning his new leadership. For the poor Augassis know nothing else than just to wage endless wars on the surface of Eden, in their spitefullness against its lively and peaceful sister nations Veronia has even forgotten to coronate the Kingslayer. So the puny handwriting at the end of this letter by the count and countess calling themselves king and queen is something out of a Fable or a Fantasy. To put away with any questions on his authority and to distract the people from his absolute mismanagement and horsewhipping of his usurper kingdom the Kingslayer has declared war to an innocent and souvereign nation that he signed a pact of non-aggression with a mere week ago.

And let any wanderer of Eden whose eyes wall upon this proclaimation know that for his failures and unquestionable unreliabilty Count Vivan de Augassi shall go down the pages of Eden's history not only as a Kingslayer and Usurper but as a Mad man. How different were the times when he did not heade the poison whispered in his ear by his feminine family extension. On this note they seem to defile the defensive alliance that the Empire of Al-Khadir upholds with the United Provinces. In a pittyful attempt to win over Azari'cill support they claim to know anything on the subject of this so called 'purity', however is it not Veronia that has named a Dark Elf as a Lord? Is it not Veronia that openly expells High Elves from their public places? Is it not Vivan de Augassi that in the past, before murdering his king, was a wanted criminal in the Kingdom of Luminion itself?

The very blood mage from Al-Khadir you seek to destroy is not only more than welcome in Veronia, he is the very brother of the Countess that now rules next to the Kingslayer. And Count Vivan is more than fully aware of this as he has stated in the past. Will the kingslayer countess commit fraternicide as well is something everyone can question in this occassion. Moving on to the baseless claims of Count Vivan de Augassi he has rightfully pointed out a training between the Empire and the United Provinces that as I confessed to him to diffuse the situation was too close to the borders of Veronia. Although every reasonable man in Eden could see that stepping a few paces on the bricks of a bridge is not the same as an invasion attempt, Veronia seems to be so intimidated that they regard this as a justification for war. Evenso Veronia attempting an actual raid merely this week before declaring war. Yet they call us untrustworthy? To see what destruction the warmongering Augassis have brought upon the lands of man brings tears to the very Stadhouder's eyes. I knew a Vivan de Augassi once that was an honorable man. Yet he has been blinded by his ambition.

In the Treaty of Hadriana it clearly states that claiming any past territory as your 'rightful lands' due to the borders of the Kingdom of Hadriana would be nullified in any political discourse between the nations. Yet here you are laying claims to the Hinterlands for that exact reason. How does Veronia honestly expect any nation on Eden to sign treaties with them as they have broken a treaty of non-aggression so directly that any ruler in Eden can see that the Augassis are not to be trusted and are an unreliable partner in any arrangement or endeavour. The United Provinces has stood for peace in the lands of man yet time and time again so called 'rogue' Veronians and members of their armed forces have made their way into Wakkerdam, looting and threatening citizens, yet the Kingdom of Veronia accuses us of attacking innocent civilians?
No innocent blood has been shed in the lands of man since the murder of King Roderick Withmond committed by the Augassis themselves.

Their final baseless claim is that Wakkerdam has abandoned the ways of the Maker. Yet while the Augassis abandoned the church, demoting the High-Priestess because she did not 'like' the job anymore it is the United Provinces that actively sought out scholars and theologians from all corners of Eden to preach to the people the sayings in the Dictus whilest Veronia had their entire church leadership collapse. How dare you use the word of the Maker against the United Provinces, whilest you have abandon your ties with Him longsince you allowed the church to collapse. Meanwhile you have declared everyone in Veronia that was once sucking up to the Augassis a noble, yet in the past you have portrayed yourself a protector of the common people. In the United Provinces we gave the common people a voice and a vote and you now dare to try and threaten our Republic?

Because in the End that is what its all about, the freedom in the United Provinces scares the Lords and Ladies of Veronia's warmongering court. In a pittyful attempt to try and get the peoples mind of Veronia's faling as a nation they have declared war against the only succesful human remnant of the Kingdom of Hadriana. You fear our freedom, you envy our prosperity and advances in society and our excellence as a civilisation. In the eyes of your court the United Provinces is just too free. And our experiment has worked, the bellies of everyone in Wakkerdam is filled as we work together to ensure our prosperous markets are flowing with trade. Instead of attacking everyone around you the United Provinces has friends from all over Eden. And its even a Republic, where everyone who is a citizen can coice their concern with the matters of state. If only the people in Veronia could realise the true extent of their potential should they remove the yoke of their imperialist warmongering nobility.

You ask us to surrender half the Hinterlands to your machine of imperialism? You can not expect us to agree with this ridiculous claim. We will defend our souvereign nation whatever the cost may be and show all of Eden that there are nations willing to stand up against the warmongering Usurper Kingdom of Veronia.
I do not pretend that the Republic fluently debasing all of your reasoning for war will disencourage you from waging it. It is however not too late for you to stop the warmongering machine of war you have set in motion in the West and to let us return to peace oncemore. That is however up to you, or your people to decide upon. For the United Provinces it is clear that we will stay a free and independent nation and that we are prepared to die for that freedom. We call upon our allies from the Empire of Al-Khadir and any volunteer that can see the madness of Veronia for what it is to aid us in this struggle.

In this war the United Provinces seeks to protect its independence and territory of itself and its allies. In addition it will seek to take away Veronias ability to wage a war of aggression in the future by occupying or dismantling Ceril's Keep and Adelsburg, should any agreement not be reached in the opening skirmishes of this useless bloodshed. On top of that should the forces of freedom reign victorious we shall lay claim to the heir and son of Countess Wendelin de Augassi to be raised as a ward in the court of the United Provinces, for may he grow up to be a more peaceful man than is father.

[!] The letter was read aloud in front of a thunderous applause by the people of Wakkerdam in the Staten Generaal [!]

At the end of the declaration send only to the Kingdom of Veronia a note was added:

It is not too late for you to back down Count Vivan de Augassi, I know you as an honorable man once, when we still served our King. There are other methods for your people to be satisfied other than blindly waging war, you have but to cooperate and the human nations could return to their splendour.
We can still put an end to this useless bloodshed.

Stadhouder Arnoud van Leuveren
Ratified by
The Emergency Session of the Staten Generaal
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