Event Announcement Ship Wrecked! The arrival of the becoming Pirate Suleiman Al'Hadeen !

[!] A ship halts as it reaches the shores West of Al-Khadir

28.12.1525 Lilith's Veil

"Why did we stop?!" A Khadan man with sandy blonde hair and caramel colored skin arose from the deck in response to the halt of the ship
The crewmember who was steering the ship jolts awake rushing to the front to see the commotion that was brewing full of panic

[!] The boat had been crashed into the shores at a fixed speed doing damage to front of the ship"

"Arrgh You scallywag landlubber ******** **** morons! Are you trying to scuttle Mother Sally!?"(the name of the ship) He hollers at them with rampant cursing "Avast ye! Scout the area! I'll check the damage!"
A crew member called from the front pulling out a spyglass "There's a city in sight Captain Sully!" The crewmember spoke warily

"At least one of you are good for something.. we need to get our ship fixed and return our journey to discover Captain Deepsea Davey's treasure ! I hear that ghost of his ship still roams in these very waters... On the bright side perhaps this mishap was a stroke of luck from the sea goddesses themselves He rubs his hands together rapidly, Sully's gold tooth shines under the sunlight as he smirks. "Might as well make a few quick andros while we're here right men? - and woman" He gestures to the only woman on board with a charming smile.

She rolls her eyes and sighs "Looks like we'll be here for a while hearties."

OOC: This flashy charming pirate will now be travelling across Eden, is he a danger? or is he bluffing his poweress?
For inquires on this event or to interact with the characters/location contact MissTy#8131
(the ship is not yet available to explore but will be by June 7th!!!)
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*Downing another Grog in Krizzies Crazy Corner the Old Captain Knaraugh was looking outside at his ships, the Tidecrusher and the Wave Eater as his trusty pelican companion flew to him, hitting his head against a nearby shop sign but after opening its mouth a little piece of Andros was dropped*

A'hoy ye oversoized deranged duck, wotz da newz of da tidez?

*The Pelican opened its mouth revealing a stolen eyeglass with nautical prints, referring to sea monsters and piracy, Knaraugh began to grin his crooked Golden teeth showing*

Wellz Betsy, Heave Ho' wez not da only scallywaggahs around no more, therez more of uz who reach for da call of da dernizens of the deep. Wez surez hope diz git maintains da Old Pirate Code

*Knaraugh ordered another round for the tavern soon after that*

Link to the code