The Compensation of Battle Injuries


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Compensation for the wounded in battle
Issued: 8th of Greenfall, 1528
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Day after day, the men and women of the Tyr'es Alari tirelessly fight for the perseverance of the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion.
They face the many dangers that Eden throws at the walls of our kingdom and stand tall while facing those horrors.

Yet these valiant efforts by our warriors may result in what can only be described as a colossal sacrifice in defense of the Mother's children and their lands.
To thank those heroes for their sacrifices, the Enlightened Kingdom will generously compensate the heroes who gave up their bodily purity in the name of preserving the 'cill.

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The compensations

Scar on leg: 50 Andros
Scar on back: 50 Andros

Scar on arm: 100 Andros
Scar on chest area: 100 Andros
Facial scar: 200 Andros

For those who are maimed:
For the loss of the right arm: 800 Andros
For the loss of the left arm: 500 Andros
For the loss of a leg: 450 Andros
For the loss of both legs: 800 Andros
For the loss of an eye: 300 Andros
For the loss of both eyes: 900 Andros
For the loss of the left hand: 400 Andros
For the loss of the right hand: 600 Andros
For the loss of both hands: 1000 Andros

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Claiming a compensation

To make a claim for compensation after having suffered an injury, please send an official notice to the current army commander.
OOC: The notice has to be delivered to the army headquarters in a signed book.

The notice must contain: (IC)
Description of how the injury came to be:

Witnesses if any: