The Verrador Company: Agreement


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The Adelsburg docks would come alive to a sudden gathering of elves and soldiers. Both humans and elves working together to bring a sloop into port. To those unaware, it would appear as though there was something going on. A crier quickly collects a crowd among him and bellows deep from within his stomach!

Hear ye, hear ye!

"Captain Huron, of the Sapherum Sea Guard is taking on any willing Vari, Tiefling and the like to serve in the newly established Verrador Company. For a decent pay, experience at sea and a chance to bring justice Eden's pirates, you could find yourself becoming a competent sailor of Eden's oceans. Please report to the warehouse for further instructions on how to apply"

In the backdrop of this commotion, prominent mariners of the Sea Guard find themselves encamped outside the city, with their Captain engaging in talks with the Chancellor of the Empire. After much deliberation, an agreement is signed, stating the following terms in a well kept document.

I: The Sapherum Sea Guard shall form and establish an auxiliary company comprised mostly of Vari sailors. These sailors will be commanded by experienced officers of the Sea Guard and shall provide valuable knowledge to inspired seamen. The full extent of the agreement can be found in the below:

II: The Verrador Company will operate solely within Hadriana's waters and provide protection to her trade routes, owing mostly to pirate activity in the area. Furthermore a garrison of twenty mounted Sea Guard shall be stationed in Adelsburg to help patrol the roads from brigands, bandits and known enemies.

III: The Verrador Company, whilst being a subsidiary unit shall assist the Empire of Hadriana in times of conflict for a period of two years, as agreed upon in 1532, thus lasting to the year 1534.

IV: The Empire of Hadriana will pay the Verrador Company a total sum of Ⓐ1.000.00 for their services.

V: The Verrador Company shall not be expected to take up arms against the Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion in the event of a conflict between the two nations, owing to their loyalties to the state. Instead the officers and garrisoned mariners shall be withdrawn from the region with safe passage. Such an outcome would result in the disbandment of the company, and an annulment of the contract entirely.


Captain of the Sapherum Sea Guard

Sine Verrador,
Supreme Chancellor of the Hadrian Empire

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The official stamp of the Sapherum Sea Guard has been pressed onto the document, affirming their consent to be bound to the obligations therein.


he's stood right behind me isn't he
IV: The Empire of Hadriana will pay the Verrador Company a total sum of Ⓐ1.000.00 for their services.

Bluejohn slides the dated document to Aearandir, chubby digits pounding the text to highlight the detail with some stern force, emphasising that it surely means one thousand and not only one andro followed by five decimals. It takes a keen jester's eye to pick up on any funny business.