Nation Announcement To Seek Divine Justice [Bounty]


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[!] Pamphlets are distributed around the Enlightened Kingdom. Copies are nailed onto notice boards of other nations by messengers


To Seek Divine Justice
Issued: 31st of Firstseed, 1531

It appears that someone wishes to defy the will of our blessed heavenly Mother. How foolish of them.
On the night between the 30th and 31st of Firstseed, 1531, the terrorist known by the name of Themis Leaftale mysteriously vanished from our prisons, leaving only more victims of her hatred-fueled actions behind. Now she may feel empowered by this sudden escape, yet it is only the beginning of a painful brief extension of her miserable life.

The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion calls upon all who seek to see justice served, and those seeking only coin for their service to seek out the runaway aquamancer.
Those who can deliver her alive to the Marble city Luminion will receive a great prize sum of 2000 Andros. For those who can point us towards her current home, we have a prize of 500 Andros for the golden tip.

All nations are called upon to report any suspicious activity to the Enlightened Kingdom immediately so that we may eliminate the threat before it takes hold outside our borders. But be warned, those who aid this dangerous criminal will meet the same fate as her, no matter the status of the individual. Any nation or city-state that dares to provide refuge for this person will be deemed an enemy of the Enlightened Kingdom and their people will be treated as such.

Those who dare to deny the Mother's divine judgment provoke her children who march out to deliver it in her name. And they will not be as merciful. That much can be assured.


Therri'cill Aldir'tor Zaithrall

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Axilya's eyes gazed over the pamphlet as her ears pinned back letting out a sigh, mumbling the following "What a'vi du done Themis.. This in worse than mi trying ce buy du out." She'd stare at the pamphlet once more before whistling over a pair of white ravens...