"Two of 'em! I saw it!"


A recent tragedy to all archivists and Denur alike. The sacred Museum of Eden, in our very home, had two of its precious relics stolen! A citizen of the Iron Orhim claims witness to the recent theft. The blustered bearded boy pleaded to the throne in his explanation:

"Two of 'em! I saw it! I said 'Hey ye' two manlings! Why ye' runnin' down 'ta road 'tat way? 'Tere's not'in' out 'tere!' 'Ten 'tey fekked away, 'cause one of 'em was on feir."

The court's best Forenzik Craftsman, Baetyr Calsaul, has provided us with the following illustration depicting the two human suspects


Baetyr has been promptly expelled from his position following the horrendous craftsmanship.