Nation Announcement A Bright Future


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Dusty black hallways and doors jammed shut had been his worst enemies in these last few weeks, the pulsating light of the grand reactor in the heart of the ancient keep as a constant lure to turn his back to the shrouded halls. But the old Denur did prevail. Too great was his desire, his greed for lost knowledge and machinery lying before him. And oh, what reward his persistence granted him and the whole Clan… At first only he could recognise it, when he left the laboratory with parchment and exotic powders, but soon, they all should come to understand.

“Why’d ya drag us here, just to watch sum bubblin pots, old man? Could be spendin my time perfectly fine with a pint right now…”

The youngest amongst the Rustcrackers captured the feeling all of the engineers held as they sat restless, waiting for the elder to be done with it.

“Shut et Thimmeck, I am begennin to think tha yar gob’s really just good for drinkin… Now, brothers, thank all of ya for heedin me call to witness the power of me newest concoction.”

The old Denurs voice was slightly muted by his protective mask as he stood before a vat filled with wood. He turned a valve and an oily black liquid coated the pyre, sticking tightly to the wood. As he struck his flintstone to create a tiny spark next to the vat he turned as the pyre erupted in searing blue flame which began to rapidly devour everything in the vat, leaving not even ash behind.

“I call et “The Brightflame” and et shall enlighten our path to greatness as et did for our forefathers.”

[!] In each and every place of gathering in the High Kingdom of Arduan, a sturdy flyer bearing the proud crest of Clan Rustcracker can be seen. [!]
Kverit, Sons and Daughters of Arduan,

Kalan Rustcracker has made yet another breakthrough to enable us to not only prevail, but triumph over each and every foe who dares to stand against our Kingdom! Using the knowledge of our forefathers, our alchemists have been able to recreate a substance believed to be lost to time, burning hotter than the hottest kiln, unquenchable by water, melting iron and stone alike- The Brightflame. May this new blessing turn our enemies to ash, bring light and warmth to our halls and fuel the forges of our craftsmen.

United we stand, united we shall endure!​

ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ-ᚨᛚᚲᚺᛖᛗᛁᛊᛏ ᛚᛟᛗ ᛚᛟᛞᛊᛏᚱᛟᛗ​

Grand-Alchemist Lom Lodstrom​


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