Player Announcement A Farewell to Raevkov but a Call to all Hinterlanders


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[!]This notice would be hung throughout the former lands of Raevkov as well spread with flyers throughout Eden. [!]

In the wake of Raevkov's collapse, the Hinterlanders find themselves standing resilient against the tumultuous waves of change. Through the trials of wars against Hadriana and the tumultuous coup against Silas, we have steadfastly supported each other, forging bonds that have withstood the tests of time.

Although it pains me to witness the crumbling ruins of our once proud Hinterlander stronghold, we refuse to succumb to despair.The essence of what we once stood for may now lie forgotten in the dust of Raevkov, but let it be known that the spirit of the Hinterlanders endures. We are not a defeated people, rather, we are a community united by shared struggles and unyielding determination. The road ahead may be uncertain, and the duration of our journey to reclaim the stage of Eden of our place remains unknown. Nevertheless, it is a journey we undertake with resolve.

The Hinterlanders, dispersed though we may be, But lost are we not. We will rally together, drawing strength from the ties that bind us. The echoes of our collective resilience will resonate, transcending the physical remnants of our fallen bastion. As we prepare to face the challenges that lie ahead, remember that your fellow Hinterlanders are closer than you might perceive.

Let this not be a eulogy for Raevkov alone, but a clarion call to every Hinterlander, urging them to stand tall in the face of adversity, and our presence will be felt once more. In times of need, reach out to your inner self, for the spirit of the Hinterlanders is indomitable, and our unity shall be the catalyst for a triumphant resurgence.

- Zachary van Gravendrecht
Elduin's face lit up in the blazing heat of his temporary home, smiling down at the flyer with a sense of pride growing in his chest. With a hand, he placed it over his heart, dipping his head respectfully to an invisible figure representing his origins. "Although many consider myself to be with the high elves, my home shall always lie within the north." His eyes fluttered open, gazing up at the sky and the long horizon extending past the desert dunes. Northward. "And hopefully someday, I will be able to return without consequence."
His ears raised , looking at the notice on top of a mountain. Tris mind flew to Elduin, tilting his head slightly while his stare was locked onto it. "No more snow. ." He spoke, his ears giving a wiggle. "Now, even the city of Avalheim is gone. . " Tris sighed as he spoke, crumbling the paper into his hand. "And the Manor will probably no longer exist. " He spoke with a rather blank voice." Old home. ." Tris added, before infusing an ichor friend with the paper bloodying it before ripping it apart.