Player Event A genial rivalry of the bards and lyrists

[!] A finely drafted leaflet, distributed to all peoples and monsters which call themselves citizens of Eden


I welcome you that join in admiration for the fine arts.

In light of recent Mythin’thirr's beauty and productivity, under the blessing of Kharash and in spirit of our fallen brothers and sisters, the Church of Mitrona has decided to celebrate the Elven kin, united in language.
We seek to commemorate those fine craftsmen and artisans the past centuries carried ripely.

For the remainder of the Amber Dawn's sunset, all are invited to submit their poetry reviewal and admiration of the Church of Mitrona.
When the cold days set upon Eden once more, a poem shall be chosen for the betterment of our gratitude to the gods.

For the father's gratitude shall also be shown to the champion.

[OOC]: The Church of Mitrona is hosting a poetry contest to honor the elven language. Thus, all submitted poems should (please) be written in elvish. You all are welcome to submit poems. If you are having trouble with the elvish language, there are many people that can help you out. Multiple submissions are possible! Just keep it to a reasonable amount. The deadline for submission is set to Thursday, 24th of March.

Please submit submissions in the hopper next to the Mitrona notice board. It is marked by two amethyst blocks & a sign, as can be seen in the picture.

I would be delighted about any submission, so please do not hold back. There will be prizes for First, Second and Third place, because so often a winner is hard to choose. The results will be announced through another forum post in ca. 2 weeks.


[Image]: Location of submission