Nation Announcement A letter to Aldir'tor Zaithrall


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A tiny goblin would come running to Luminion, ringing the bell loudly and holding up a crumbled parchment. “Important letter for Aldir’tor! An important letter for Aldir’tor! And only for Aldir’tor!” the tiny runt would emphasize, unwilling to hand the letter over to anyone but the High Elven Ruler himself.

The letter was written quite sloppily, although with a bit of effort the reader could make out the following message:

“Aye ‘er, Aldir’tor. We’z went ‘n got da ‘umie gitz. ‘E wudn’ kom wiff kwuitly, so we’z ‘ad tah be mean ‘bout ‘t. Lotz ‘v ovah ‘umiez troid tah keep ‘t frem ‘appenin, even dat stewpid Emprahr ov ‘em! But dat duzn’ maffah. Uz Orrukz 'n Gobboz end'd up gettin' dah gitz anywoi.
We will go ‘long wiff da plan we’z made in sumtoim, juzt preparin' da Mount'n ferr it now. Wud be noice if yerr wud kame tah’ show up ‘zwell wiff sum’ve yerr ladz! Wud be ‘appenin’ in a week frum now, on da Eiffteenth ‘v Edensrezt. Y’kan bring da payment wiff roight ‘round den ‘zwell.”

On the bottom of the letter, a stripe was drawn out of blood, this being Gaerth da Batl’ ‘Ardened’s signature.

OOC: Hereby, the High Elves are invited to come to Zadh-Nadrozz at 8 PM CEST tomorrow (Saturday) for the conclusion of the kidnapping of Cedric Reinhardt.