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[!] A letter has been delivered to the Imperial Council office. The letter is neatly rolled up and written in neat handwriting.
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The letter is kept closed using a candle wax stamp with the letters V.D.B engraved in it. The letter states the following: [!]

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“Dear esteemed Members of the Imperial Council,”

“I pen this missive with utmost respect and hope that it finds you in good health and spirits. I, Jinx van der Bijlkrijger, humbly write to your esteemed council to request a change in the surname of my beloved children, Berend and Janne, from "Berendzoon" to "van der Bijlkrijger."

As a mother, it is my duty to advocate for the best interests of my children. Their journey through life has been marked by the absence of their father, who regrettably never played a role in their upbringing. In the absence of paternal guidance and support, my children have thrived through their resilience, determination, and the love and support of their family and community.

Berend and Janne have recently reached the age of majority, signifying their transition into adulthood. It is with great admiration and pride that I witness their maturity and independence. Together, they have expressed their fervent desire to honor their maternal lineage by adopting their mother's surname, "van der Bijlkrijger."

This decision is not one made lightly but with careful consideration and profound significance. By embracing their mother's surname, Berend and Janne seek to affirm their connection to their maternal heritage, acknowledging the unwavering love and sacrifices that have shaped their identities.

I implore the Imperial Council to grant this request, recognizing the autonomy and agency of my children in choosing their familial identity. A change in surname will not only reflect their personal autonomy but also symbolize a deeper bond with their maternal lineage, anchoring them to a legacy of strength, resilience, and familial love.

In closing, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your attention to this matter and respectfully request your favorable consideration of our petition. May wisdom and compassion guide your deliberations, as you uphold the principles of justice and equity within our realm.”

“With sincere regards,”

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