A mysterous pamphlet...


Constantine Bleue-Aube
A mysterious pamphlet has been distributed to some mailboxes and library shelves within the empire.
Ruminations on Alderism
By Dévot de l'oracle​

Alderism might be the single most influential religion in all of Eden, with its believers scattered all across the continent, concentrated mostly in the Hadrian Empire. From its inception, its teachings of order, rule of law and general authoritarianism have found great purchase in the hearts of despots and their faithful followers. At the centre of Alder’s teachings lies an idea of a distinction between The Ruling of Order and The Ruling of Chaos, with Order being the most pure form of virtue a man can pursue and Chaos being the embodiment of evil. When you start to question the core of Alderist philosophy a whole new way of thought opens up to you - no longer a slave of the dualist, brutal moral principles you realise that The Cosmos isn't divided between good and evil - it just exists in absence of any “true” code of morality.
That being said, there are beings in this world that work towards the destruction of civilization and life and it is in our right to stop them, since without existence there is only absence and without a witness there is no crime. What I want to argue for is a way between the fanatical worship of order and the monstrous pursuit of chaos. I believe that the expansion of our knowledge and understanding of the world should be our goal. The largest empires always fall, the most evil of voidal cultists get defeated by the forces of man eventually - but knowledge always stays within our minds, as long as there are people to share it. So i come with a proposal, great people of Eden - do away with Alderism and study not only the teaching of a long gone tyrannical emperor but learn about botanics, the chaotic realms, voidal magics, the forces of good and evil, geology, mechanics, physics. Open your eyes and see the world as it is - not good or bad, but waiting to be understood more and more, for the betterment of all.