Nation Announcement A Nation Reformed.


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[!] A message would be spread across the notice boards of Al-Khdair and Anjyarr. The design of them is one from olden times, with theatrics that were used in announcements that dated decades back. [!]



It is with great pleasure that I am honoured to once again welcome Al-Jabrid back into our empire. After productive discussions with Al-Jabrid's current leader, Os Laurenfield, we have concluded that the best path forward for the future of our empire and the city of Al-Jabrid is to reintegrate them into our nation. The Empire of Anjyarr will, however, grant Al-Jabrid the status of a city-state, making it the first city to be welcomed as part of the Commonwealth of Anjyarr.

The relations between our two cities remain strong, and together we will strive for a brighter future for all citizens of Anjyarr. Given Al-Jabrid's new status as a city-state, it will maintain its own branch of government, enabling it to implement most changes it deems necessary independently of the Empire's direct oversight.


Ralvvon Menaharian.