A new game.. PEBBLE POKING

With the creation of the Pebble Poking Commission, we bring you a simple yet comprehensive rule guide for it!

Rules for Pebble Poking game:

The objective of Pebble Poking is to click the "pebble" (button) before the opponent.

Starting a Game:
Before the game begins, players must decide if it will be a best of 5 or a best of 3. In tournaments, the standard will be a best of 5, meaning the first player to poke the pebble 3 times wins the match. Custom matches can be created for higher or lower points needed to win, but for regulation tournaments, 3 points are needed to win a game.

Turn Sequence:
1. Roll for Agility: At the start of each turn, both players will roll a D20a, with the lowercase 'a' representing agility. The player with the higher agility roll wins and proceeds to the next step.
2. Roll for Strength: The winner of the agility roll will then roll for strength, represented as D20s (with the lowercase 's' standing for strength).
3. Roll for Defense: The loser of the agility roll will then roll for defense, represented as D20d (with the lowercase 'd' standing for defense).
4. Scoring: If the strength roll is higher, a point is scored by the attacker. If the defense roll is higher, no point is scored, and both players reset with a new agility roll.

Special Perks:
- Players may, three times during a game, substitute their defense or strength roll for a D20i (with the lowercase 'i' standing for intelligence), which will count for their defense or attack roll for that round.

Forbidden Actions:
- Magic and weapons are forbidden within the game.

Additional Notes:
- The game is not limited to any specific platform; it can be played using any method or platform that allows for the fair implementation of the rules described above.​
- Tied strength and defense rolls go to the defender.
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