A Report for the Kaiser, 1529


A stamped and sealed letter to Kaiser Philipp Wilhelm II was placed prominently but respectfully upon his desk, addressed to him by Lord-Envoy Gauthaagen von Vitas-Ustengraf. An additional copy exists somewhere within Gauthaagen's personal recordkeeping and effects.
Your Majesty Kaiser Philipp Wilhelm II,

Please allow me to extend my well-wishes for your health and that of your family, and my gratitude for the trust and responsibility you have vested in me. In the interim between my appointment and the public declaration of the fact, I have been at work, perusing through council minutes, familiarizing myself with our collection of treaties, and making acquaintance with my fellow Councillors.

As Your Majesty is doubless aware, the newly established Hooghlandsche Vrystaet held a celebratory feast at their keep during the recent turn of Highbloom this year. Lord-Steward Cedric invited myself and Lady-Justicar Etain to attend, and we set out from Norburen at good pace. Our arrival at Raevendrecht was welcomed cordially and we attended a brief speech in the Estates General, their forum, which I have recorded for later reference if required or desirable. All of those parties formally invited made attendance in some form or fashion, of note being a large contingent from Luminion headed by the Therri'cill Aldir'torr, and a single representative of the Triumvirate. After the speeches of Stadtholder Silas Moetiour- Van Leuveren and Regent Johan Scakartvan Leuveren, we were ushered to a feasting hall, and the celebrations began in earnest.

During these festivities, I made my introductions to Silas and Johan each, earning an audience with Silas later in the evening and holding a pleasant conversation about winemaking with Johan. Further, I made contact with Aldir'torr, during which the state of enmity between our nations initially loomed heavily. We excused ourselves to a more private area after making introductions, and began a more direct discussion concerning the state of play between Hadriana and Luminion. Aldir'torr's attitude was initially much in the same tone as his nation's posters, but by the discussion's end, I feel he had relented somewhat from that unyielding style, though not nearly entirely. The crux of our conversation revolved around finding solutions to prevent further issues between our nations, and to that end I suggested a hypothetical: that we work together to codify and enforce a policy of mutual non-interaction between our peoples, a temporary measure to prevent further inflammation while other alternatives are explored. Aldir'torr expresses that this is already the policy of Luminion, but I suspect that he is leery of constraining himself by irrefutably signing such a thing into law. Our discussion was sadly cut short by celebrations being moved to the town's tavern, but we agreed to meet in Luminion at a point in the future to continue discussions of the sort.

After most of the guests had left, Silas approached me and we had a short but productive discussion of relations between our nations. He assures me that the Freestate has no intentions of stirring conflict, and noted that they are sorely lacking in both foodstuffs and cattle. I can attest to the fact that there is not a single tilled field in the entire territory, nor the clatter of cowbells. With all the understanding of what hesitance Your Majesty may feel at this proposition, I believe that sending what aid we can by way of exported food and heads of cattle will be a strong influence on future goings-on. It may be advisable to send plows and other such helpful equipment. If we quickly seize initiative and act as a benevolent neighbor, we lessen the prospect of Luminion exerting more anti-Hadrian influence over the Freestate than it doubtless already has. I firmly believe that establishing close economic ties and promoting cultural exchange between Hadriana and the Freestate will pay dividends in our children's time, if not sooner. Geographically and culturally, we are far better suited to act as their allies than Luminion, but we are starting far behind in terms of our relationship. We can correct this with swift action and patient reliability- by proving that we are not opportunistic, fair-weather friends, but rather estranged siblings who wish to put the past aside for the sake of a shared future.

Even if Your Majesty balks at such a suggestion, I at least recommend a public recognition of the Highland Freestate as a distinct, independent political entity. Such overtures and recognitions have already been made by Luminion and Anjyarr, and it would not do well to deny the polity's existence while other realms make these gestures, if only for the sake of political expediency.

I note that, of course, I have made clear in all of my discussions that the ultimate authority behind any of my actions is that of Your Majesty, and that what is hypothetical remains hypothetical until backed by the legitimacy of your approval. I have not and shall not enter deals or obligations on behalf of the Empire without your express direction, and I make this clear to my foreign counterparts.

Lastly, I retain a copy of my notes from the event, which I will happily furnish to Your Majesty at your pleasure. I look forward to discussing this and other matters further at our next Council meeting, and I remain at your beck, call, and letter.

Yours most faithfully,

Gauthaagen von Vitas-Ustengraf, Lord-Envoy

Maker Keep You