A Response to the Sealing of Dar-Azur




Recently the news of Dar Azur being sealed has reached my ears, and with it a need to share my thoughts on the future of my people, and the future of the continent as a whole.


Dar-Azur is only one of many lost Denur Holds.
Dar-Zenour, Dar-Vziun, Dar-Azur, even what is now Zadh Nadrozz. All of these were once great Denur Holds that at one point have fallen to some unknown power. In recent years it has become apparent what that power is.

The forces of the Void.

From deep below Eden they have been growing stronger with each passing century, spreading like an infection through the caverns below the surface of our beautiful lands. I cannot say what the source of this Void incursion is, but it is apparent that we are at great risk if nothing is done soon. Sealing them below the surface is not a permanent solution, it plays into their schemes and makes us unable to fight back against them.
If something is to be done we must stand united and push back against these monsters before they are finally ready to bring us all down in one swift assault.


Once Dar-ach Denur has been retaken the Denur people will be having one year of rest to clean out our home of ice and filth, get settled, and prepare for the fights to come. After this year I intend to offer aid to Raevkov in their fight against the Bone Lord, if they will accept it, and I encourage the other nations and city states to do the same.

From there I cannot predict what is to come. I may not even survive the future battles. But I am certain of one thing -- We must set our petty differences aside and fight as one united front against the Void, lest it consume us all.

With that all said...

The Reforged Realm hereby declares war upon the Void and all those who serve it from now until the end of time.

Phyrra Obryn
Kjung of the Reforged Realm
Matron of the Obryn Guild
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