Player Announcement A summary of the Luminion Citizen Council hosted on 15.05.1529


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[!] This letter would be sent out to every citizen of Luminion, containing a summary of notes from the meeting [!]


Eldrin II Faerondaerl attempted to claim his heritage and believes he can as he is part of the Enlightened class of society. Being his father’s only son, he wanted to claim what rightfully belongs to him - the title of the Prince of Aerial, his seat of Aerial, and his place amongst the nobility of the society.

Fynenar I Aey'flir's claim was that: Firstly, Eldrin's father was a tainted soul who ventured onto the path of voidal magics - though Eldrin II may not possess these magics, there is nothing that tells us that he will not continue his father's supposed ‘investigation’. Eldrin’s father committed one of the largest crimes in the Enlightened Kingdom - interacting and learning from a hemomancer. He claims Eldrin is condoning that fact. Further, he hasn’t been seen since his father’s departure and hasn’t contributed to the Kingdom at all.

Eldrin II Faerondaerl's claim was that: He is aware of the path his father walked and that the Faerondaels are the ones who study the obscure, whether that be a plague or voidal magic. They desire to understand their enemy, so they may remove it, root and stem - matters the clean hands of the enlightened class do not dare touch. These matters are handled by his family. He says he is the rightful heir to the black phoenix.


It is concluded that the matter of distribution of lands and nobility is one granted by the Zaithrall family and distributed by no other.



Miriaire Aey'flir - Chairwoman of the Citizen Council
Fynenar II Aey'flir - Scribe for the Citizen Council