Addressing Slander :)


[!] Aey'flir guards would wander around, placing pieces of parchment around Luminion. A few were sent to Mitrona aswell. [!]


Harvestday 2, Firstseed, 1549

It is with a heavy heart that I must address a matter of great significance,

It has come to my attention that a certain individual has chosen to betray our trust and besmirch our reputation with their petty and baseless slander, my ex sister in law, Cirlia Zaithrall, who has chosen to spread malicious falsehoods about certain people from my family, particularly targeting the esteemed Aey'flir family name. Such behavior is a stain on our name and legacy, perpetrated by individuals who lack the decency and integrity that our family has long upheld.

We wish to make it unequivocally clear that these accusations are baseless and without merit. Our family has always upheld values of integrity, honesty, and respect within our community, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to these principles. Let it be known that we do not condone nor tolerate such behavior within our family. We have always prided ourselves on loyalty, trust, and mutual respect. This betrayal cuts deep, and we must address it with the seriousness it deserves. As we navigate through this challenging time, we must remember our values and stand together in solidarity against deceit and dishonor.

At this time, we ask for your understanding and support as we navigate through this challenging period. We appreciate those who have already reached out to us with words of encouragement and solidarity. It is during times like these that the strength of our bonds with our loved ones and community becomes even more apparent.

We will take all necessary steps to address this situation ethically.

With Cirlia's decision to align herself with the Illysar family is a glaring testament to her lack of anything resembling a moral compass and her possessing fewer scruples than a blaggard bandit. By siding with them, she has chosen to endorse corruption, manipulation, and deceit over honesty and justice. Her betrayal of these sacral precepts not only irreparably mires her reputation but, too, reveals her mercenary nature - someone willing to forsake decency for personal gain - for all to see. Cirlia's actions epitomize the worst aspects of her greed and opportunism, more akin to that of a vari than cill, making her a contemptible figure in the eyes of those who value honor and righteousness.

It is disappointing that Cirlia chose to handle her concerns in such a dramatic and immature manner rather than coming to me directly to discuss them. Clear communication and open dialogue are essential in any relationship or situation, and by opting for drama over conversation, she missed an opportunity to address her issues constructively. Had she approached me calmly and openly, we could have potentially resolved any misunderstandings or differences in a mature and respectful manner. Instead, her choice to escalate matters unnecessarily not only complicates things but also reflects poorly on her ability to handle conflicts maturely. Effective communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships and resolving issues, and I would have appreciated the chance to engage in such a dialogue with Cirlia.

Rest assured, the Aey'flir family remains steadfast in our principles and committed to upholding our values despite the shameful actions of a few misguided individuals. Our faith in the Mother and truth guides us as we clear our name and restore our family's honor. Cirlia and the individual which puppets her have been under the thumb of Hadriana forever, and will never allow the high elven race to prosper with such.



[!] Bonus Scene [!]

Once Aestaeana sent out the last announcement she looked to Valyndra and Aldarian with a light huff.
"I had no choice but to do this, I wont let her slander those who have come so far." She said, propping her arm up to rest her head on her hand.
Her eyes flickered down to her children as the two played together, a faint smile slowly appearing on her lips before she spoke once more.

"Fyn would have done the same for me if I was in his situation."
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This Notice reaches the still-grieving Aeri'Cill, a hollow laugh making it's way from her throat as she looks at the words of her former Sister-In-Law
"I am not blameless in this. My notice makes this clear. And yet..." She throws the letter into the fire
"Where were they? When I was begging for aid? Promises made, and left to die in the pits of LAZINESS, while I broke my back to the point of COLLAPSE!"
She sobs, her nails digging into the table
"They choose their side, in spite of our nation."
Her quill lies close by as her sobs die, replaced by fury. She snatches her quill
"I will choose Luminion every time."
Faiir, a woman of grace and beauty, couldn't help but hum with delight as she tilted her head to the side, her eyes never leaving the parchment in front of her. A soft giggle escaped her lips as she took in the words written on the aged paper, her finger tracing the ink lines as she read. The smile spread across her face grew wider with each passing moment, her joy evident to anyone who looked upon her.

"Wow, take a look at this situation, would you? It seems that Cirlia is piling up the problems, and I have to say, I'm not surprised in the least. After all, she's the one who chose to expose my brother to all of Eden and tarnish the Chamaire name with her actions as well as divorcing my brother-in-law. I guess she's reaping what she's sown, and frankly, I can't say I feel sorry for her. It just goes to show that when you make your bed, you have to lie in it"

The elfess would place down the paper and went back to her work Periwinkle laying in her arms.
Thallan leaned back in his chair, the rich aroma of Aey’flir wine filling the air. He swirled the glass thoughtfully, eyeing the crimson liquid before taking a slow sip. The taste was exquisite, a remnant of the former rulers now serving his pleasure. He smirked as he spotted the former Aey’flir servant entering the room, head bowed and eyes downcast.

"Ah, there you are," Thallan drawled, gesturing for the servant to approach. "Pour yourself a glass. Let’s toast to new beginnings." The servant hesitated, clearly uncomfortable with the invitation, but complied nonetheless. As the servant filled a glass and stood awkwardly, Thallan lifted his own in a mocking salute. “To Lady Aestana’s heartfelt missive,” he began with a smile, “a true testament to her eloquence and... shall we say, overdramatic flair?” The servant remained silent, eyes flicking nervously between Thallan and the floor.

“She speaks of integrity, honesty, and respect. Noble words, indeed.” Thallan’s tone dripped with sarcasm. “But tell me, does it not seem rather hypocritical to accuse others of betrayal and dishonor while writing from a place of utter irrelevance?” The servant nodded slightly, clearly uncomfortable. “And this part,” Thallan continued, almost laughing, “'a glaring testament to her lack of anything resembling a moral compass.' Coming from someone who couldn’t manage to keep her own house in order, it’s quite the statement, don’t you think?”

Thallan took another sip of the wine, savoring the taste. “It’s almost poetic that I sit here now, in her former home, as its rightful lord and ruler. The irony is delicious, much like this wine.” The servant shifted uneasily, unsure of how to respond. “Ah, no need to fret,” Thallan said, waving a dismissive hand. “It’s just amusing to me how people like Aestana think they can tarnish our name with their pitiful words. In the end, actions speak louder, and my position here speaks volumes.”

He set his glass down and leaned forward, eyes glinting with a mixture of amusement and contempt. “Remember this: the era of the Aey’flir is over. It’s a new dawn in Illuminia, and we will not be swayed by the hollow cries of the past.” The servant nodded again, more vigorously this time.

“Good,” Thallan concluded, leaning back with a satisfied smile. “Now, let’s enjoy this fine wine, a remnant of the old days, as we toast to the future.”
Nephi'ra sat in her study, the room illuminated by the soft glow of candles and colourful crystals hang from shelves. The parchment before her was creased from her grip, the words of Aestaeana's public letter glaring up at her. She read through the lines in amusement at the audacity of its contents. The Aey'flir, once powerful and now reduced to such pettiness, had clearly underestimated House Illysar. Nephi'ra's lips curled into a smile as she leaned back in her chair. She began to speak aloud, her voice dripping with mockery and scorn.

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen.." Nephi'ra began in a low tone. "Words that reek of desperation and envy. It is almost pitiable to see such a once-proud house reduced to whining and finger-pointing."

She leaned forward to adjust her seat more comfortably as her back had started to hurt. "She speaks of slander and dishonor, yet it is your own kin who has brought shame upon her house. The audacity to accuse my Khari of voidal corruption while harboring true corruption within your own ranks... keeping them as friends of all things... it is, the least to say, laughable. She dares to criticize Cirlia for standing up for truth and justice? It is her who has restored honor to our family, something that brainless harlot could never comprehend. Her bitterness is plain to see. It drips from every word of her pathetic letter!"

She stood, the letter still clutched in her hand, and paced the room, her movements fluid and graceful. "House Illysar now rules over Aey'flir's lands, and it is a fitting justice. Poetic, even. The people deserve leaders of honor and strength, not deceitful cowards who hide behind baseless accusations and false pride."

"True nobility is earned, not inherited, like her, who was born into it. Not that her Khari was any better than a useful lapdog. While they wallow in their self-pity and resentment, we will thrive and prosper."

She turned back to the letter, "So continue to write your letters, Aestaeana. Let the world see your bitterness and desperation."

"Entertain us~"