An’ounc’ment uf a Zk’hool Grand re-’open’n in Zadh-Narozz


A Paper has been posted to the Zadh-Narorzz Notice board as well as sent to a few select individuals


An’ounc’ment uf a Zk’hool Grand re-’open’n in Zadh-Narozz
The Old O.R.C ‘aze bin re-open’d wif da re-expansion of the nation, we grow’n! We wel’c0me’n any gobbo ‘or Orc da be a student’ da learn wat’eva u’rz need yu’r learn’n in. Got’z clazz’z un orc’ish Religi’un,Orc’sh Culter, Orc’ish ‘iszorty, ‘Vire magick (da bazi’zkz uf magik too), Mu’zic an ‘VISH!

Alzo look’n fur teah’az be pa’y’n 75 androz each clazz yuh host, zend a lett’a tah mail’n ‘ovffice bout wut yuh wanna teach’n or talk da Rushk ke bout bee'in ‘un today!
TRanslation for you dweebs B} : O.R.C is now open as a school, class's available are currently Religion, Culter, history, pyromancy, Music and"FISH"(what ever that means) Teachers get 75 andros for each successful class session and we are looking! : D

OOC notes: You can be a "guest teacher" if you don't live in zadh-Nardrozz but still wish to teach, Contact @passion_pon On discord if interested in hopping up as a teacher <3
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