Player Announcement An Open Letter to the Denur People


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This letter would be displayed in all the places the Denur have inhabited in the past 20 years, including Dar-Arach Denur, the Kruger Brewery, and present day Lionne.
I have been living in Dar-Arach Denur for a short while now, and I have had plenty of time to think on my words and my actions. It is during this time that I have come to tell the Denur people that I believe I have done them a grievous disservice. I know what it's like to be slighted, to be treated differently than those around me because of my background and the Azari'lunn blood that flows through my veins. However, I also know that companionship and camaraderie can very easily encompass those from all walks of life and all corners of Eden. And it is with this notion that my main point lies.

In the past, I have been blessed to have been dear friends and close companions with several of the Denur people, including those of the likes of Rhagmir Embereye and Thalgrim Grudgebearer. I was willing to look past their flaws and their burdens to bear, and they happily did the same to me. It took me some time to remember what I had forgotten; the friendships we've had, the ups and downs of our relationships and the many things we had gotten to do together. Both of these dear friends of mine have been dead for many years, but certainly not forgotten. It is my duty to speak for them, and to remember the lessons they've imparted upon me.

If there is one thing that the Denur as a people have taught me, it's that even that which is broken can be rebuilt anew. I will make an effort on my part to help enrich the Denur society to the best of my ability, as to not forget the past and to speak for those who have fallen.

Anyone is free to respond to this letter that receives it.

So say I,

Zhen Dhelvin
Some coal eyes wandered through the Hold, just like each morning from his house to his tavern, when they were drawn by the paper. Mumbling to himself while scratching the edge of his hair with the widened forehead.

"Who's thae coalie talkin' about?"