Player Announcement Anjyarri Citizen Council


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[!] A notice decorated with gold lettering hung upon the noticeboards of Al-Khadir and Al-Jabrid

The Sultana and the High Council of Anjyarr wish for the people of the empire to be involved in local and national politics. This is to be held in the form of a Citizen Council, where all are invited to participate in the hopes of bringing the people of Anjyarr together as one. All who wish to devote themselves to the progress of the nation are highly encouraged to actively participate or apply to the council.

The positions to be filled are: the Chairman, who leads and times the meetings, ensuring the people's voices are heard, and communicates these to the High Council, and a Scribe who writes down the contents of the meeting for later use.

For the first few meetings, Nahida Nobara will run the sessions until the leadership positions are filled.

Signed, Nahida Umaira Nobara


OOCLY: If you wish to apply for a position, contact Minerva6708#7761 on discord.​