Announcement of Presence



✺ The Temple of Kyphraim ✺


“The Luminaries decreed that on the Day of Discovery, the Temple must show itself to the world. Hark, for the day has come!”

A Decree of Presence

Behold, in the days of the founding, the three Lords of the Way built a temple in the deep jungles of Eden. They named it the Temple of Kyphraim, home to adherents of the Kyphret Way and the initiated acolytes therein. Once lost, now found, the prophets have gathered and dubbed it necessary to decree our presence to Eden, and our intent for friendship with neighbors to the north.

To the Nations of Man, it was decreed by our ancestors that the Temple would send its acolytes to establish diplomacy. We invite the Nations of Man to receive our representatives, to establish such relations.

Above all, this decree establishes our will to isolationism, and our will to neutrality. We do not seek to take any interest in the conflicts of Eden. We are foremost adherents of our faith, acolytes of the Kyphret Way, as decreed by the prophets and seers who came before. We ask that the nations of Eden respect the Temple in its desire. We are custodians of the ancient records of our faith, prophets and wayfinders of a long ancient way of life.

“For once they were scattered, and behold the luminary said “Unite!” and they did so, thus spoke the luminary unto the tribes. And they would come to inhabit the temple built for them, as the Way decreed it to be.”

~ The Decree was left unsigned ~