Player Announcement Announcement of Presence

[!] A note was hung on every notice-board in the capitals of each nation, city-state and Lionne. The paper was slightly scorched at the bottom and the letters still had a slight yellow shine to it.


Greetings all of Eden,

Finally after years of work and planning the Order of Thyst can announce its presence.
We are an order of mages set out to unite our elemental companions in one place unbound by nation, allegiance or heritage.
Although our library is still under construction we are not held back to unite ourselves under a name.
Our council has met up and decided to host a meeting of the order already for our members only.
If you are a mage or an aspiring mage but fear to be taken away from a former allegiance you may have we are not here to steal you, the order of Thyst is not tied by allegiance to a nation but by our interest in the elemental realms.
To the nations that may fear us to be a threat; you may rest easy as we intend to have diplomatic relations with each of you in time.
We intend to aid people with issues that could use a mage of the elements.


~ Signed, Thyst High Council.
Nowu Grace

Maple Nephele
Yelran Roseshade

Krisa Grace Amadeus

The event will be on Sunday the 26th of November at 8pm CET, further details will be given in a discord event.

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The emerald gaze wandered through the Empire when he spotted this missive. Coming to a stop to full read it and feeling something odd on his chest. The burden of chains that had brought him down to his knees, avoiding being recognized as what he was in hopes to not cause a hunt to those around him, was now dissipating...for once, he felt relief.

The emerald gaze continued his path silently, noting to speak to his master on this matter in search for their knowledge.
Elaine picked the poster off of the noticeboard with careful hands. Leaning against the wood, she read each word carefully. As her eyes trailed over the paper, a small and almost unnoticeable smile spread across her face.

“How…” She tried thinking of a snide remark. Something mean to say and go against the announcement. “… relieving.” Elaine said. With gentle hands, she put the poster back up for others to see. “I hope father has seen this.” And the tiefling walked away with her hands clasped behind her back.
The voodoo delf obtained one of the notes hung up in Anjyarr, giving it a good read..

“Ana do believe this might be a fine Order to look into… twill be interesting seeing what it’s all about…”

Aegnern pocketed his copy and wrote down the event time, heading on his way back home to get it sewing..
Caligo skimmed through the announcement a few times, before turning his focus to the signatures at the bottom.
“Krisa…I knew he was alive.” The tiefling smiled. He’d have to pay Avalheim a visit soon, see if he could find the big guy. Assuming, of course, that Lily Roseshade wouldn’t murder him on sight. Perhaps he’d even look into aligning himself with these mages. He had always been curious about magic…
Alyona picked up Illor as she read over the note a soft hum escaping her before she looked to the kid "Do you want to ask your dad to let us go on a little trip dear?" she spoke, to that Illor reacted with a bright smile on his face "He better let us go mama!" to which Alyona chuckled setting her son down again "Alright, let us go home to ask him then." with that they left the note behind to be read by others.
A wood elven woman strolls along the path in Salus Limin, and notices the notice on the noticeboard. She looks at and begins to smile
"Finally... I wonder if Vult has seen this!"
She places her signature vine design next to the notice, a vine that flowers into blue buttercup shaped flowers, and excitedly walks towards her house to tell her budding mage son about the news.