Player Announcement (???) Appee Kayzuh Shpanking Dey

A somewhat… official looking letter was sent out across Eden? It looked like it was written by a drunk and drawn by a child. It just seemed to have… shown up out of the blue… what did it say?

“HeAr YEEEEEE, hEar YeEeeeEeeeEeeee!!!!

Hiz moist ROY-YUHL MADGE-ESTEEEE dee ummm… uhhhhhh… Kay-zuh ov Hadwee-ahnah has decweeeed tadey be a most SPECIAL HOLIDAAAAAY! He haz ashked all da peoplezzzz ov da wand too come and visit hish pawace and give him a gooooood shpankin’. Limit ov ONE (1) shpank per guestststs. Food and dwink will be pwovoided and all da voidals will become toilet seats.

Caligo looks over the letter, trying extremely hard not to laugh. He is failing.

"Godsdammit, I'd like to shake the hand of whoever wrote this."

He walks away, shoulders shaking with laughter.