Nation Announcement Back in Business


[!] A notice upon worn parchment has been nailed up both at the noticeboard in Salus Limin and at the gates of the Lowau ruins, admist workers toiling within. It seems meant for those already within the Coalition's ranks, but can be read by any passersby.


To those within the Coalition, our stay in Mitrona is soon to end. Not to say they haven't been gracious hosts, far from it, but it's about time to bid farewell and strike out into desert. Work on the City nears completion, and with it, the beginning of our destiny. Our plan for the immediate future is as follows:
  1. Our new home will be dubbed 'The Free City of Montevenna'.
  2. The City will be ruled by a Council, provisionally lead by Lucas Langenburg, Goldo Greyfang, and Fioriana Vecellio.
  3. Once we have settled, the Council will work to establish governance in the city and a code of law, with a focus on preserving the liberty of those living within.
For those who have been with us from the beginning, I thank you for staying with us through our trials and tribulations. For those who have joined only recently, I welcome you to our City and our future. The fate we carve from the grain of eternity, can only be made greater by our struggles.

Fioriana Vecellio
Head of the Coalition of Montevenna, Condottieri of the Compagnie dell'Airone.
Our app has been approved, and we're working on the build now! Once it's finished we'll get the city pasted in and begin RP in the city. If you're reading this and are interested in joining or finding out more, feel free to check out our recruitment thread on the main discord.
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A crimson eye focused on the abandoned noticeboard of Louwa. His rsther glowy eye flicking from side to side, giving a slight nod as his lips raised a small grin. "A free city? Id love to see how many nations will try to fight this one. " The voice of the armored figure spoke, almost giving a small chuckle, its hand moved around waving its own chuckle away before stepping away. " Goodluck. "