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This letter would be posted over international notice boards.
A falcon of speckled white and black to be sent to Mythanthar with this exact letter in its talons and a smaller notice within.



Greetings to all.

The time has come for me to make a statement.

First and foremost, I shall address the obvious situation.
Kharri’cerr, it appears that whomever has informed you, if anybody at all, has evidently left some details out in a self-beneficial manner.
It also seems that many hasty decisions and baseless accusations have been made on your end.
Wood Elves have both committed crimes and threatened Anjyarr in the past.
That is not something I will tolerate, regardless of nobility, status, or otherwise.

If you wish for further details you may send me a private letter, as I no longer care for the world knowing our business anymore.
While I am not perfect, I am still capable of providing a listening ear and presenting myself.

Secondly, it is bold of everyone to assume I would've married what the public has labeled a “power-seeking tyrant”.

My engagement with the dead man was called off privately not long before the Orc Chieftain broke into my home and took him.

Finally, I was never made aware of my own child's imprisonment.
Evidently you failed to alert me of this factor.

I shall not be addressing petty rumors and gossip that plagues people’s parchments and lace their words.
While it is enjoyable to read and evaluate, it is not worth my time.



Mitrona's daddy, Khari'cerr
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He'd read over the letter surrounded by the other citizens by the blacksmith, he couldn't help but scoff " Nearly all of tis is irrelevant, she draws thi attention away from herself by bringing up that Azari'cerr do crime?" He'd snicker "As if it doesn't occur in every nation. No denying her assisting Ali whatsoever in here. Mi was at least expecting an apology for how mi kin was treated" He'd scan it over to double check as he stops to the engagement part "Mi sources said he called du wife in public" He'd think on that one unsure if she was lying or the report was. continue scanning it "Tis interesting enough." He'd then get up "Lets go ti?"