Event Announcement Cazino noig't


Sexy ork
A small group of orcs and goblins would visit every major city/settlement in Eden, they would post letters onto every notice board they would find.
Every letter would be read like this:

Aye, lisen up ya gitz! Wezz de orkz an' gobboz 'ave decided to 'ost an event in da cave! We'zz not uzed our Cazino for a w'ile now, and we'zz fought we'zz shud uze dat place again! Everyone oo' woud like to come to dis litle gedering iz welcome to join us! We'zz 'ave grog, we'zz 'ave musik and we'zz 'ave many ladz to foight, to drink some of de good grog wit' and for t'oze panzies dat like to talk and not foight or drink or dance t'ere will be panzies to talk to as well.

If ya wanna 'ave fun de good way, DE GREEN WAY, Den come to de orkz cave!

OOC: There will be a casino event in Zadh, anyone can come!
The event will be on the 20th(Friday) at 8pm GMT+1