Clan Wyrmthane - The Great Denur Clans



[A trifecta of scrolls, equal in quality of parchment, would be nailed in close proximity to each other.]
[This is but one of the three.]

[The scroll was written in fine script and flowing penmanship]
Good-day one and all!

We, the eloquent and pristine individuals of Clan Wyrmthane, have returned to Eden!

As the ancestral scribes of the Denur, it is our sworn purpose to record, recall, and improve the state of the Denur culture. Through scripture, philosophy, and studious devotion, we aim to ensure that our people are forever both physically and mentally wealthy. To ground the Denur in the stories and truths of our people, and hone one’s ideology into an unyielding perseverance, shall always be the key to victory. Never should a single instance of our proud history be lost, for the truly foolish are those who cannot learn from losses and take root in accomplishments.

Once, long ago, Clan Wyrmthane contributed greatly to the survival of the Denur kin. During the Age of Destruction, our ancestors set out to heal the weary hearts of those who lost hope. Through our knowledge and wisdom we kept sanity and the will to live alight, and our kind survived into future eras. Once no peril remained we sought a vacant throne, but with the other ancestral clans bidding for the crown a new threat emerged. Agreeing to not endanger our kind any further, our clan traveled the land in search of new knowledge that could better the Denur and lead to brighter futures.

Clan Wyrmthane may be very literate kin on the surface, but you shall also find our endeavor for wealth to expand beyond the conceptual and encroach deeply upon the material. For us Wyrmthanes have the solemn right to the mines, the veins of our mountain homes, and through hard labor we once held the greatest of glimmering gifts and profits our people have ever procured. So too does our wealth extend far beyond the mental and physical, encroaching upon the spiritual. For with our studious nature came a great aptitude for the arcane, in the art of Geomancy. One of our own has even sought a new element for our kind. Truly there were no walls our force of will could not breach! But alas, these are troubling times indeed.

With the death of our beloved Kjung Runefist, and the return of the other ancestral clans, we have never been at greater peril. In the face of this great loss many riches were stolen, as well as many records of our proud history and magic. With no proper Kjung, the only way to cast parliament and judgment is through the vast majority among the three clans. We beckon all who may be able to aid in our restoration and ascension to seek us out, especially those of our own. The Boneheads of Clan Bonemaim must never lead us into feral barbarism, and Clan Vulcan must never dissolve the culture of the Denur endeavor. The Wyrmthanes shall carry our kin through this crisis, and restore our greatness unto heights even grander than ever before!

Most sincerely, Ossolin Wyrmthane.

[Mounted beneath the scroll was a small banner of blue and gold.]