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Community Team Update


Well hello there! It's been a month since I last saw you here, welcome back!

In this month's community update, we will be handling several topics. As usual, we shall go through the results of the feedback form. I will also provide you with some info on what the community team has worked on in the past month.

Buckle up, and we'll dive right in!


Community Feedback Evaluation
We have laid extra emphasis on keeping the community a fun place over the past month the community a fun place. This has gone hand in hand with our lovely moderation team. We work our hardest to keep the community safe, and I feel like this showed in the feedback form.

Currently, on average our players rate our servers a 7.6, and the quality of our community an 8.5. I think these are great numbers and I'm excited to elaborate on these further, a bit later.

Something we all seem to agree on is the lack of roleplay at times. Do not worry, you are heard! This too I will talk about more later on.

Now, let's get into the more detailed statistics.

It once again becomes very clear that many of you love to invite your friends, and we thank you dearly! Most of you have come here through friends, though it becomes very clear that our PMC campaigns are successful as well.


There are no notable changes in the joining, but the statistic does show that there is a large variation in old and new players, which we love to see.

Server & community stats
Though the average of our server's current state is a stable 7.6, the most voted answer was an 8. This is an improvement to last month, where the most frequently selected option was a 7. We're quite proud of this, and hope we can continue growing.


This month's community stats were very positive. Last month we scored an average of 8. This is still quite strong but means we can be incredibly proud of the average 8.6 that we have now. The most voted answer was an 8. For this, we want to thank all of you! You make the community the amazing and lovely place it is now. Thank you.



Maybe you've already noticed it, but we've been working hard on getting some life into our social media! The emphasis has been laid on Instagram, but you may have seen a Reddit post of ours coming by as well. As of late, our loved and trusted community team member Vulturia#0001 has been promoted to be our social media manager. This means he is currently in charge of our [Instagram]. We hope to provide some content for you all to enjoy and give interested players some insight into the actual server. This has been a large point of focus for us this month, so I hope you can all enjoy it!


Staff Roster

Most importantly, we were able to welcome two new Team Managers!
+Event team TM moon-the-creator#7606
+Lore team TM Awab#7227

Community team has accepted one new member
+0 Talentless 0#1883

Moderation team has embraced a new member within its team

Lore team has also welcomed a new member.

The event team has gone through a recruiting process, introducing the 'trial' gamemaster. With this trial, the team has welcomed the following members
+{Last Fallen Angel}#9120

Sieg#4426 has resigned from his position as the lore team manager and his position as an administrator.
He has currently been relocated within the Tech team and Lore team.

We have had a singular leave this month.

If you wish to apply to become staff, be free to do so!
You can find links to the staff applications over here: [LINK]


Community contest
Last month's community contest was skin making, and our winners have shown
some great skills and beautiful skins. Our winners can be found in our permanent
'community contest' channel, which can be found on our [discord].

This month's community contest uses an exciting new mechanic, being our
new painting plugin! So grab your brushes and your aprons, because it's
time to get crafty! To get started, use the /artmap command when you're logged
into our server, where you can find further information and the crafting

There will be prizes for first, second and third place. Submitting your artwork can be done
until the 20th of June, 9 PM CEST. May the best painter win!



Looking forward:
Trust me, we've heard you all. There seems to be little roleplay to participate in,
and events are scarce. I want to make it clear once more that we are indeed working on
this. Just have a little more patience as all of these updates take a while to make. We
have not been sitting still, though you might not be able to see our progress and work yet.
We thank you all for your patience and sticking around, and hope you can have fun
regardless, generating roleplay with each other.

Much love, and until next time.

For any questions, regarding anything, you can always contact our community team.
CT-TM: NietKirsten#7899

CT: recoon004#8317
CT: Mac&cheese Queen カ流め#6971
CT: Vulturia#0001
CT: PetitePaintings#2561
CT: 0 Talentless 0#1883


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