Nation Announcement -+ Da Big Weddin +-

[!] A big parchment paper was put on the bulletin boards of Mitrona, Anjyarr, The Reforged Realm, and one personally delivered to the high council of The order of Thyst by a goblin. [!]
We are excited to announce the upcoming union of Rud Rib Amadeus and Yuzgash Mor, two beloved members of our orc community. These two individuals have been inseparable since they first laid eyes on each other, and we could not be happier to see them take the next step in their relationship. As a culture that prides ourselves on strength and unity, it is a joyous occasion to witness two individuals come together in love and commitment.

The wedding celebration will be a grand event, with all of our fellow orcs and friends of many invited to join in the festivities. It will not only be a union between Rud Rib and Yuzgash, but a celebration of our entire community coming together as one.

On the day of the wedding, there will be a trail of challenges for Rud Rib and Yuzgash to face. They will have to prove their strength and loyalty to each other and our community. But we do not doubt that they will overcome any obstacles together, as they have already proven time and time again.

So come and join us in celebration of this momentous occasion. Let us put aside any differences and rejoice in the love and unity that Rud Rib and Yuzgash represent. Let us show the world that our orc community stands strong and united, and that love knows no boundaries. We cannot wait to witness the joining of these two souls and the beginning of a new chapter in our community's history. Cheers to Rud Rib and Yuzgash, and the power of love amongst all the orcs.

[All Who live in Zadh may come to this]
+Invations were personally sent to the nation leaders below+
Her Royal Highness
Jolie Elaine Lovell and her court

Her Highness
Nahida Umaira Nobara and her court

The Triarchy of the Reforged Realm
Skargrod Emberthorn
Darian Broadbeam
Fargrim Brawnanvil
And their Court

Personal Invitations:
Dain Zakarian
Krisa G Amadeus
Avalon Larethin

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[OOC: Event is on Jan 27th, 1 pm EST and 7 pm CET]
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