Nation Announcement Fulfilling A Promise


Common Tailor, Aeri'Cill of Luminion
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This notice would be stuck to the Noticeboard of Luminion, The gate of the Aey'flir Estate, and the Residence of House Illysar



By the Order of Cirlia Zaithrall, Aeri'Cill of Luminion

In the light of the enduring glory of our realm and by the authority vested in me as the Aeri'Cill of Luminion, I, Cirlia Zaithrall, hereby decree the following:


Article I: Enoblement of the Illysar House
Let it be known that the noble House of Illysar is hereby Enobled and granted the lands of Illumina
The Illysar House shall hold these lands in perpetuity, under the sovereign protection and auspices of Luminion.


Article II: Charge over the Dragoi Isol and Saphirum Port
House Illysar is entrusted with the charge and stewardship over the region of Dragoi Isol.
Additionally, House Illysar is granted dominion over Saphirum Port, with the responsibility to maintain its prosperity and security.
The Illysar House shall oversee all trade, defense, and governance of these territories, ensuring their flourishing and allegiance to the crown of Luminion.

Article III: Eviction Notice to House Aey'flir
House Aey'flir is hereby ordered to vacate the Estate within the lands of Illumina forthwith.
All properties, holdings, and titles associated with House Aey'flir in Illumina shall be transferred to House Illysar immediately.
Compliance with this decree is expected without delay or opposition, under penalty of treason against the crown.

Article IV: Affirmation and Enforcement
This decree shall be executed and enforced by the designated officers of the crown.
Any resistance or failure to comply with this decree will be met with the full force of Luminion's law.

In witness whereof, I, Cirlia Zaithrall, have set my hand and seal this day, ensuring the continued strength and unity of our great realm.
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Cirlia Zaithrall
Aeri'Cill of The Enlightened Kingdom of Luminion
Liberator Es Dragoi Isol
The Undaunted